Pills for brain activation

Pills for brain activation

Pills for brain activation 150 150 Anthony

The question of the availability of special pills to improve brain function is extremely popular in Hollywood – from NZT pills in the movie “Darkness”, thanks to which Bradley Cooper’s character could significantly increase his cognitive potential, ending with CPh4 hormone from the action movie “Lucy”, which transforms the brain Sconlet to the supercomputer.

Drugs to improve brain function

Speaking of pills and drugs to improve brain function, it is important to note that they are all addictive. Receiving a stimulus from outside, the brain begins to “laze” and require increasing doses to achieve the desired effect. That is why most of these substances are considered narcotic and addictive.

A striking example of a real NTZ pill is nicotine and caffeine – 10 seconds after entering the body, they provoke the release of adrenaline and dopamine into the blood, acting as a strong psychostimulant. However, after a while the level of these hormones drops, the brain slows down, and the person again reaches for a cigarette or coffee.

Closest to the fictional NZT tablets are various drugs of the category of neurometabolic stimulants. Over-the-counter glycine is considered to be the most popular – studies confirm that in large doses (about 1-3 g) it is really able to increase the level of brain activity and improve memory.

A special category of pills for the brain are nootropics, which are used to treat the above-mentioned symptom of attention deficit and improve the cognitive system in the literal sense of the word – but such pills are available only on prescription and are not intended for healthy people.

Serotonin and improving brain function

Serotonin is a key hormone responsible not only for good mood, but also for the brain’s ability to process information in a certain way. It is believed that high levels of serotonin increase attention to detail, forcing a person to think more rationally and logically. Low serotonin, in turn, is associated with defocusing of consciousness.

Typical drugs to increase serotonin levels are all sorts of antidepressants, however, apparently, over-the-counter melatonin in tablets, 5HTP supplement and even a number of natural herbs (such as real saffron and turmeric) can also significantly increase serotonin levels and improve brain function.

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