Here is just a sample of the countless unsolicited testimonials that Tools for Abundance has been receiving since it opened its doors back on March of 2008. Take a look at what subscribers and visitors are saying about the Abundance4Me Newsletter, the eCourse, and the great content available for them to achieve their dreams and goals…

Dear Tammy,

Thanks for everything you sent me in the year. You always send to me light, and strength to be a better person. You make people be better because of your advice. Thanks, you are a great blessing in my life!

Montse, from Costa Rica

Dear Tamara,

I’ll take this opportunity to tell you that I started reading your book and so far LOVE IT! There is something about your writing style that just resonates with me. As I read it – it’s as though you are right there teaching and talking to me. It’s very profound. I usually breeze through material, but in this case I am devouring it very slowly.

Your writing style is so honest and has no hidden agendas. I can only hope that one day, I, in some way will be able to help people as you do. BUT FIRST I must help myself. What’s to be afraid of? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

I am so excited. The possibilities that are in my future are so thrilling, I am going to whole heartily enjoy this journey.

Here’s to changing the world.
Debbie Fries


Thank you for your messages. I love reading your thoughts. I am grateful that you share these insights with me.


Dear Tamara!

Many thanks for your kind attention and encouraging words. Looking forward to more inspiration materials from you

Warm greetings from Moscow,


I just wanted to write and say thank you so much for offering this 7 day course free of charge!! Just now I read the first lesson, and while I have read and done a lot of work in the area of my life, I found your message so clear and easy to put into action… You can be sure I will be talking to people about this course and all that you have to offer…

Again, thank you so much… ????
Most Sincerely,
Laurie Kennedy


Your daily e-mails are definitely fascinating and reassure me that I am here for a purpose and that every footstep I take is where I’m suppose to be in this universe. Maintaining the power within us on a permanent state of sense is, I believe, within
us to seek and nurture.

Paul Mallon

Dear Tamara,

I cant tell you how much I enjoy going through your website, your newsletter and the free tips and tools you offer. I’m just going through the links mentioned in your email and am thoroughly amazed at the vast range of information covered by the recommendations you send across.

Thank you and God bless,


I just want to say how much I gain from your articles.
They are brilliant. Thank you so much!

Lynn (Australia)

Dear Tamara,

My sincere thanks to you for answering my questions. Not just one but two. Will definately follow your kind advise to reach my goals. And many thanks for the web links to read up on more information.

With my grateful appreciation for your help,


You mails are changing my life, I confess. As you continue changing peoples’ lives, so shall you meet the good and wonderful gift of life.


Hi Tamara,

I have been using your teachings at work and what a change in the people I meet everyday. I do have the power to change the world one person at a time.

Heidi Herber


God bless you for your giving!

Jose, from Chile

Dear Tamara,

Just had to say an enormous thank you from the very bottom of my heart for your fabulous, inspirational, incredible website. The information and wisdom I have received, has and continues to transform my life. Thank you so much, your love and kindness is strongly felt, through your words and across the miles.

With loving thoughts,

Hi Tamara,

I love your emails because instead of just advertising something, like so many other people do… you always include an interesting article, and it is always something that ALL people can relate to and learn from! So, while I delete literally hundreds of emails a day, I always read yours! Thank you and best of luck to you!

Melanie Joy Vertalino

Many Thanks, Tamara!

You have made my life full of abundance up to now. I have learned a lot from your
free newsletters, lessons and emails.

God Bless U,
Nour Amin

Namaste Tammy,

Thank you so much for the links you sent. I have bought the Intenders Handbook and look forward to now manifest everything I have wanted. Bless you always and may the Universe provide you with all that you need to stay happy.

Love and Light from India,

Hi Tamara,

Your the Best !!!!! Thank you for your Kind Heart !!! I am grateful! I am honored and excited. These are true words to one of my best Personal Development friends! You are special! Thanks again for all you do!!! When your new web site is up let me know. I will most likely be making it my home page!

Have a great day!! ????
Joseph Demario

Dear Tamara,

I just want to thank you for the best ever newsletter and even though I don’t know you, you’ve been guiding force in my life. So happy holidays and season’s greetings, whatever you celebrate.

I wish you happiness, abundance and much love in your life,

Hi Tamara,

Hi, I’ve just received lesson three, and like the first 2, I’m finding it extremely helpful, thank you very much, I am grateful for your help! Have a nice day :)…..

John O’Neill


I’ve been reading and enjoying your lessons you’ve sent me. I find they are extremely helpful and I have reread them as to make positive sure I understand them. Thank you for sending them to me and for your wisdom.

In love and light,

Hello Tamara,

THANK YOU!! I just signed up on your website last week. I can’t believe how many wonder things you have available to me. And I am so trilled to be apart of it. You are blessed and thank you for sharing that with me. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am so grateful for you and your site.

All the best…
Francesca Omilian

Thank you SO SO Much Tamara… yes, I’ve been reading, doing lots and lots of healing work on myself, family… and have told myself to be ‘OPEN’ to reception… This article finally Lit the Bulb so to speak…RE: Use a “flip-switch” as often as needed. It’s what I needed to do and get out of the ‘rut’ that used to stop me from moving out and UP…. Next time around I will know what to do.

Maria M.

I am using it -the ecourse information- every day all day. My mind and spirit are much more at ease. I have read great deals of work on the subject, and usually in any one chapter there is a lot of information, maybe too much to use at any one point, it’s like getting confused a little. Your lessons are sweet and short and to the point, just enough to get your teeth into and concentrate on for one day… That’s why they are usable! Now Tamara, you have a nice day, and may your thoughts bear the fruit that you richly deserve!


Hi Tamara,

Thank you for your newsletter. I know this will help me. I also have gratitude for what you are doing for me. God Bless You!

Benjamin Espada


I’ve been finding these emails that you send of terrific importance as they are some of the most helpful bits of information on positive affirmation that I’ve found. They are clear & concise and I appreciate each & every one of them. Just wanted to give you some feedback. Hope you have a great day!


Thank you, Tamara for your prompt reply. I get several newsletters but when I have questions I have nobody to discuss these concerns with. The people who write this information seem to be so out of reach. You not only reply but do it fast. THANK YOU for making yourself available and for being there for me. So glad I found your newsletter!

All the best,

Hi Tamara,

Happy Thanksgiving to you too and thank you for your inspiring words and articles in your newsletters. We are already so abundant in every possible way but we hardly seem to notice that. You are right, we have so many things to thank and be grateful for. Every moment we live on this earth, every breath we take there is always something to be thankful about.



All the abundance you like is waiting for you to accept it. I do enjoy reading your down to earth newsletters. Have a wonderful future :o)

Best regards,
Rudolf Johann Loseth

Dear Tamara

I just completed your E course on success. I enjoyed and found it extremely helpful. Reading the secret or watching the DVD is a small part of the law of attraction. Your course taught me to be honest with myself, to decide what exactly I want and that it is possible to achieve it. Thank you so much for sharing this information.

I would like to get more information on your affordable one on one coaching. Looking forward to hearing from you.


A month or so later…

Thank you once again for such a detailed ecourse the part on self sabotaging behavior hit home with me and most of my friends, we had an hour long discussion during our book club meeting. It made a valuable difference in all our lives.

Take care,

Hi Ms Tammy,

I just want to compliment you. I read this -article- to myself and my Girlfriend Shirley, and we both thought this is so very ‘Helpful’ and Inspiring to the Human Mind. Keep up the good Wise Words of Wisdom.

Jerry Gatlin

Hi Tamara,

This is the best year of my life; I will have wealth and power and also, freedom. This is what I want for me. I thank God and I thank you for being in my life. I turn dreams into reality. I love the law of attraction. You are the best friend in the world.

Benjamin Espada

Thanks Tammy, I do love your postings.

Keep it up!