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If your dream was to excel in basketball, you’d have to learn certain techniques to take you to the level of excellence you’d want to achieve.

And if you wanted to become an expert at flying kites you’d have to master a few flying tips and maybe learn a bit about both Bernoulli’s principles and Newton’s 3rd law as valid principles of flight.

As such, most every new skill, task or endeavor will require some type of training based on techniques to get you ready to perform that particular skill. Once learned, practice and dedication will take you to the next level.

You can get as good as you want at anything!


It is no different with the mind. To deliberately create what you want, you must train your mind by learning the techniques that can help you manifest what you want the “right” way.

Either we realize it or not — and either we want it or not — we are constantly attracting experiences, people and even material things according to our state of mind. Most people go about trying to manipulate outside effects, without realizing that the cause of their circumstances is within. Therefore, attracting desirable conditions and experiences depends on your thought patterns and the behaviors and emotions linked to those thoughts. And the results you want can be achieved by learning (and practicing) certain techniques and tactics.

You’ll find in here sensitive information about the concrete methods that will help you align your thoughts and emotions according to what you want to manifest in your life. These techniques will become very helpful when you use them and put them to work often. Persevere and you will surely start experiencing the things you want to attract to your reality in no time at all.

So please… do not close your browser promising yourself that you will read or work on this later… most of the times we have good intentions but life gets in the way and we end up putting off what really matters.

If you truly want to see significant changes in your life, you must decide to start at once. There is no better time than now. Take a few minutes of your day and dedicate them to your personal growth. In time, you will be thankful for having done so as you’ll start seeing the results you yearn for in life.

Explore the links below and start learning powerful techniques that will help you achieve your goals. Bookmark this site and visit it often. I update the information frequently.

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Techniques for Personal Growth

Control Over Mind and Body Through the Art of Meditation.

Your Words Are Powerful – Use Them Wisely!

A Powerful Self Help Technique.

Creative Visualization
Visualize Your Ideal Life and Make It a Reality with Mental Imagery.

Change or modify limiting beliefs, behaviors or habits with hypnosis!

Emotional Freedom Technique – Powerful Technique to Heal Your ‘Self’

Learn to Use NLP to Change Your Life Experience!

Benefits of Yoga
Be Happier, Be Peaceful, Be Healthier, Be Stronger…

The Art of Letting Go…

Create Health and Abundance in Your Life with this Magnificent Ancient Healing Art.

Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing
What would you do if you could see at a distance and change your future?

Learn to Read Akashic Records
What would you do if you had unlimited insight?

The Breathing Technique
Breath is Life… literally.

How You Communicate with Your “Self

Lucid Dreaming
Explore the Art of Lucid Dreaming as a Self Improvement Technique

Self Forgiveness
3 points towards a moment of glorious liberation!

Feng Shui
Create Harmonious Living Spaces by Enhancing the Energy Flow in Your Home!



for Personal Growth and Development

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Tools are for carpenters, mechanics and plumbers… Right?

Most of us correlate tools to trade professions. I mean, we don’t think of a spoon as a tool, but it actually is  a tool. Since the beginning of time, human beings have used a multitude of tools to carve, chisel, build, repair, create, and to make life easier, in general.

Every new challenge or specific need has led to the creation of a new device with the purpose to meet that challenge or need. For instance, during the Stone Age, simple stone and wood instruments were made primarily for cutting, such as the spears with stone tips used for hunting. Later on, bronze and iron were used for similar purposes during the Bronze Age and the Iron Age respectively.


And we’ve come a long way since, haven’t we?

As technology evolves, new tools are being created constantly to meet our ever changing needs which can be quite sophisticated at times.

To fix a car you need power tools; to start your own vegetable garden you have to get some gardening tools; and to make a delicious pot roast you need cooking utensils and other kitchen gadgets.

It is no different with Personal Development.

We need tools to help us along the way so we can achieve our goals easier and faster. With this purpose in mind, we have gathered a variety of the best ones in today’s market for you to explore and use according to your purpose and needs.

Consider this site your own “Tool Box” were you’ll find a collection of programs, devices, software and ideas to help you develop a success mindset to manifest abundance, to awaken your creativity, to improve your memory, to increase your brain power, to strengthen your visualizations and to get better at affirmations, to name a few.

I invite you to explore all the links below and give these tools a try!

Personal Development Tools

The Silva Method
Learn to tap into accelerated mental activity, intuition, learning, memory, ESP, tranquility, rest, and relaxation.

Vision Board
Create a Vision Board that Really Works – Take it to the Next Level for Faster Manifestation.

Brainwave Entrainment
Train Your Mind with the Ultimate Self Improvement Tool.

Learning Styles
CDs, Audios and Learning Styles…

Movies for the Soul
Become Inspired and Transform Your Life!

The Power of Thoughts
Think Right Now! Accelerated Success Conditioning Software and Audio Programs.

Subliminal Software
Cutting Edge Software to Speed Up Your Manifesting.

Subliminal Messages
Subliminal MP3’s and CDs for Your Personal Growth

Subliminal Imagery
Seven of the Best Result-Amplifying Technologies in One Software!

Vibrational Healing
Raise Your Vibrations with Sound Vibrational Tools


Bookmark this site… new exciting tools are added frequently!