Subliminal Imagery

Subliminal Imagery

We, human beings, are the only living organisms that have the power of choice. No other life form on the face of the planet is able to choose their appearance, their attitude, their life course and even their circumstances.

intelligence_smYet, although we are able to consciously and effectively define our paths and choose which ones to follow and which ones to avoid, we somehow let ourselves fall prey to negative attitudes, thoughts, feelings and even actions that end up leading us to the wrong path.

Thus, the sooner we realize we have this power within us to make a positive change, the faster we will be able to live the quality of life we desire. Easier said than done, right? This is because realizing this power is only the first step.

Next, we must find the right tools to help ourselves into the next level. Fortunately, there is a way to reprogram our minds to reach the success we seek… easily and effortlessly!

Skeptical? I don’t blame you! But once you understand how the mind works and how subliminal stimuli can transform your mind at the level needed to create change, you will be more willing to give it a try.

First, let’s explore the mind. You have probably heard of the iceberg analogy. Imagine your mind like a huge iceberg floating on the ocean. The part that you see above the water represents your conscious or thinking mind -just 10% of the whole iceberg- the one that is “out there” in the world interacting with the world without.

This is the mind where cognitive learning takes place, where your intellect uses logic to come up with solutions to your day to day problems. In this way, it is your functioning mind.

Now, the part of the iceberg you don’t see is under water -it is the other 90% and represents your subconscious mind.

This is the mind that keeps you alive as it regulates your breathing, your blinking, your heart bit, your nervous system, and other physiological functions that are essential to life.

iceberg_smThe subconscious mind is also in charge of your emotions and the place where your memories are stored. In this way, it represents a vast library where the information of your lifetime gets stored. And this is where it gets interesting… when you remember, for instance, a happy event of your childhood, the conscious mind asks the subconscious to access the storage of information to “retrieve that file.”

So far, so good. However, some files are inaccessible as a way to protect us from traumatic events that we may not be able to handle just yet. This is also the area where values are established and beliefs anchored helping us function in our day to day life.

Some of those beliefs might have served a purpose at some point, but they may be useless in your present life. In fact, they could be acting as blocks that impede the change you seek.

This is where subliminal messages can offer a powerful way to transform one’s life; they propose a safe alternative to change your perception and your attitude toward improving a particular area of your life by going directly to this area where beliefs and values are embedded and exerting change from within.

In short, subliminal messages can succeed where other methods have failed because they go to the root of the problem.

Now, let’s explore the different kinds of subliminal messaging and their applications.

Subliminal messages are usually presented in audio form. These are the most commonly available and they are quite effective by themselves. However, when combined with subliminal imagery the results can staggering, especially for deep rooted beliefs that need change.

Several scientific studies have proven that subliminal imagery coupled with subliminal audio will double the effectiveness and subconsciously help you make a complete turnaround within your thought processes.

sculptor3Having motivational images or text pop up in front of you while you work on your computer will help you make a positive turnaround without even knowing it. When that is tied in with audio affirmations played in the background, your chances of coming out a winner will improve significantly!

Subliminal technology in a world where technology rules every day’s processes may be the answer to permanently change the aspects of your behavior that can catapult you to the success you seek. You will be surprised at how quickly your thoughts of failure, inadequacy and unhappiness will be replaced with thoughts of success, self-confidence and ultimate joy. This is why subliminal messages are categorized as an easy and effortless method to improve your life.

Of course, we know we have the power to make positive changes in our lives; however, it is not easy to change by just knowing this fact. We may need a little jolt to initiate the changes we need to make. Subliminal imagery and subliminal audio combined by way of technology can definitely give you the jolt you need!

We should not be surprised after all. It’s been proven that imagery is powerful and that it works. It’s been tested in most everything, from medicine to sports and even in business with promising results. Here are 3 examples of this:

  • Business men use graphics not only to project long term earnings but to get a clear picture of the success that’s coming. This s how they anticipate the results they expect with certainty and even before they start working toward achieving it.
  • Basketball players use images in their mind where they shoot the ball through the hoop over and over again.  This is how they ‘see‘ themselves as champions.
  • Many cases of cancer remission have been documented in which patients have used imagery such as little sharks gobbling up cancer cells in a hurry. This is how the cancer goes into remission. (As a side note, if you have not read “Spontaneous Healing” by Dr. Andrew Weil, I highly recommend it.)

So, how about you take advantage of imagery to improve every area of your life?

Sculptor 3 is the only program available anywhere that combines 7 of the best result-amplifying technologies that are tested and proven to increase the power and speed of manifestation.

These are affirmation, visualization, alpha sound technology, subliminal technology, sentence completion, assignment & goal setting writing, and whole brain synchronization.

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Improve Your Self Confidence with Subliminal Messages

Improve Your Self-Confidence

with Subliminal Messages

Did you know that self-confidence is an illusion? Yes, it is all in your mind!

smilingLet me explain… Our brains are truly amazing in a multitude of ways. One of them is the ability to become increasingly resourceful as we grow up by developing different pathways to adapt and make progress for a variety of purposes in life.

This extremely intricate matter develops as every human being goes through his own unique life path, and these infinite variations affect our self-confidence and personality as we go.

Life experiences give origin to a vast network of neuro-pathways in which 1000’s of messages are sent every second, every day. Because of its complicated structure no two people are alike.

During the course of our lives our brains grow, develop, reshape, pick up patterns some of thinking and eliminate others -which become normal to each one of us, and even help us to do a large amount of tasks on auto-pilot; and we all do this despite sharing the same functions at the organ and system levels.

And then, environmental factors also play a role for developing self-confidence. For instance, thanks to a good teacher a child may have a positive experience in school, thus he learns to enjoy studying and use his brains more for that purpose. Another may go on to excel in sports, and develop the perfect mindset and patterns of thinking that are required for sports success. These kids have had good experiences that helped them enhance their self-confidence.

If the majority of their experiences are like these, most likely these kids will grow up into adulthood feeling and looking naturally confident. They will develop a confident voice and because of that, people will listen when they talk. They will go on to thrive on social situations.

But not all experiences are positive. So as we progress through life and add on from our experiences, we also end up storing patterns of thinking and self-beliefs that are not always helpful to develop a healthy self confidence or achieve our full potential.

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Sadly, at one point or another, we all receive negative feedback which creates a negative response mechanism in the brain.

An example of this is the person who is told that they are not good at something. If the person believes that predicament, a negative response is triggered in his brain and his self-confidence suffers. If these experiences become habitual, they may eventually become the cause that prevents them from achieving success in a variety of things.

When a negative reaction in the brain stems from this kind of feedback, it creates a shutdown of certain neuro-pathways. To a certain point, this is a good thing. This mechanism of our mind gets activated to protect us from rejection and criticism; however, everything has a downside.

As the person goes through this experience, his core gets affected, his self-confidence gets eroded, and imaginary limitations develop.

Not all experiences are life shattering, but as we go through life, these patterns of behavior and self-beliefs become a firm part of our personality, of who we are, and because of them we rarely live up to our full potential. The good news is that these self-imposed limitations can be broken as we learn to rewire our brains.

Perhaps you have found yourself wondering why you seem more introverted and “naturally” shy that your friends, co-workers or a certain family member. You have perhaps felt like these confident people have something special to their names and that you will never be really confident like them, but now you have learnt that this isn’t true.

Confidence is a skill which anyone can learn, and it may be easier than you think!

Here is How…

climbing_outSubliminal messages offer a simple way to reprogram our subconscious mind.

These audio messages help you eliminate specific negative beliefs that are holding you back. They replace unhelpful thoughts with affirmative ones to help you recover the belief in your SELF, a necessary trait to recover your self-confidence and reach success.

As these messages target your subconscious mind directly, they induce changes that affect your perceptions and in turn improve upon your self-belief. Subliminal messages are a powerful tool because you are not consciously aware of the messages. This is a good thing as they bypass the critical component of the conscious mind and gradually build to shape your mind in a beneficial way, starting at the “basement” of your SELF, so to speak.

Once the new beliefs are instilled in your subconscious mind, they will naturally spill into your conscious mind and propel you to begin gradual changes in your way of thinking. Slowly and steadily they will replace old useless beliefs with positive ones, planting powerful seeds of self-confidence that eventually result in improved patterns of behavior with the consequent results.

Imagine the feeling of having the same set of self-beliefs as a person who is very confident, a person who feels excited to interact with others, who feels more charismatic and extroverted…

Imagine how your life could change if you were free of detrimental self-perceptions and as a result your self-esteem blossomed! Just imagine how much more you could achieve in life feeling at the top of the world!

All of this and more is possible with subliminal messages as they rewire your subconscious mind and redesign your life in many different ways for the better. You can try Subliminal MP3s for FREE and decide for yourself. Get three highly effective albums now, and experience amazing changes for yourself!

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Improve Your Memory with Subliminal Messages

Improve Your Memory 

with Subliminal Messages

Despite on-going debate around subliminal messages, there are a variety of well documented cases that serve as proof that subliminal messages do work. Just think about the following example and see if you can relate…

brain_smYou wake up on a Sunday morning, and start reading the newspaper while sipping on your hot coffee. While scanning the paper, you take a glance at a colorful ad for a spaghetti sauce located on the right column but don’t pay much attention to it. You later decide that it would be a good idea to have spaghetti marinara for dinner and head on to your local grocery store to buy the ingredients, only to find yourself reaching out for the very product that you saw on the paper this morning!

The product is not new and you’ve never tried it before. Most likely, it has been on the same shelf for quite some time. How come you didn’t notice this brand before?

That was NOT the first time you saw that ad either, only this morning your perception was finally influenced.

Has something similar happened to you? If your answer is “Yes” you have been under the spell of subliminal messages!

Our conscious mind comes across numerous subliminal messages on a daily basis. It would be an insurmountable task for the conscious mind to register and take some sort of action on all of them. This is why the subconscious mind acts as a filter allowing us to focus on what is important at each particular moment. But… if we look at or listen to the same subliminal messages on a regular basis, they eventually get stored in our subconscious mind.

These affect our behavior and ultimately compel us to act accordingly as a result.

Subliminal messages are not just used in advertising, however. They are excellent tools that can help us improve in many areas of life. The focus of this article is on using subliminal messages to improve memory.

In reality, the development of memory is a core area of subliminal messaging. For many years subliminal messages were used ONLY to improve on areas such as memory, self confidence, and motivation.

Actually, the many successes experienced as a result of these applications have given rise to the popularity of subliminal audio over the last 10 years. Today, it is possible to get subliminal audio albums on every imaginable area, all the way from weight loss to the Law Of Attraction and beyond.

Back to the topic of memory improvement, subliminal messages can be used to make a way into the deep subconscious mind to directly increase your ability to take in new information, process it, store it, and of course to be able to recall it accurately, as and when you need it.

rubic-cube1It works firstly by clearing out your mind to give you clarity and focus, and in the long term it completely rewires your mind so that it works in the same way as people who naturally have a strong memory function.

This targets the root cause of your memory problems to enhance them forever!

The uses and possibilities that we can apply to and achieve with subliminal messages are definitely immense. However, it’s important to mention that these audio CDs and MP3s are subconscious aids that will certainly help you achieve your goals if you pair them with repetition and real physical action.

In other words, just listening to these will not do the trick. These messages are only suggestive and will positively help you only if you are determined to help yourself. In closing, let’s refer to the example above… you may feel like having spaghetti marinara for dinner, BUT… if you don’t take action to go buy the ingredients, it won’t happen!

And then again, should you need motivation to get you going, there is a subliminal message to help you with that too!

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Subliminal Messages

Subliminal Messages

to improve your life!

The term subliminal literally means below the threshold of conscious perception. This refers to the words, signals, sounds and images that are embedded in messages or other forms of communication, which are not obvious or apparent to the conscious mind. In fact, these messages are designed to bypass the conscious mind and go directly to the subconscious with the intention to exert some type of influence in the behavior, beliefs, habits and/or attitudes of a person.

girl_headphones2Most likely you have already heard of subliminal messages. They have been around since the 19th century, and from the time of their inception there’s been plenty of controversy around the subject.

The first documented papers date back to 1897, when the director of the Yale Psychology Lab, Dr. E.W. Scripture, Ph.D. published his book The New Psychology in which he talks about the basic principles of subtle persuasion through embedded words in messages.

One famous study backs to 1957. A market research company claimed to have shown suggestive phrases like Drink Coca Cola and Eat popcorn during a movie presentation. These messages were imperceptible to the conscious mind. They were shown for 1/3000th of a second several times throughout the film. According to this study, the sales for coke and popcorn increased considerably, which made them conclude that subliminal advertising was successful. Even though they were never able to prove that the test had indeed taken place, the study itself caused enough turmoil to stimulate more studies.

Throughout time, the results of these studies have been varied and inconclusive; however, in the early 1970’s, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) –an independent government agency that regulates communication media channels- banned the use of subliminal messages in advertisements based on the fact that it is unethical to bypass the consumer’s right in making correct decisions by manipulating his mind into purchasing a product.

Despite this, many still claim that these types of messages do not work… or, do they? Could this be because the vast majority of people do not understand how or why they work? Or is it because they seem to work just sometimes and just for a select few? More importantly, why would the FCC ban these “unethical to bypass the consumer’s right in making correct decisions…” ads if the statement itself is false?

subconscious storage of informationIn theory –and much like hypnosis, and NLP– subliminal messages do work because they bypass your conscious mind and “install” new specific data in your subconscious to help you achieve a predetermined change or goal; however, in real life many variables exist. Here are some factors to consider…

  • All learning involves repetition. Remember when your teacher sent you home to repeat your tables out loud so you could learn how to multiply? From tying your shoes to riding a bike, from behavior modification to self-confidence, from a new trade to exploring the world at large, this is how we learn everything, not just the academic subjects at school.

Usually, the learning process goes from conscious repetition to subconscious storage of information. Then, every time we need that information we simply recall it from the vast library within our memory. Moreover, attitudes and character derive from learned ideas and experiences too, and this is also how beliefs are formed and stored deep within us.

Learning subliminally is easier because subliminal messages work by skipping the conscious level repetitions altogether and delivering the information straight to the subconscious mind where the “new” memory will get engraved and stored. When we send the same message repeatedly to the subconscious mind, we can witness amazing changes as these transformations come naturally from within.

  • The second point to consider is individuality.

We are all different individuals with different needs, experiences, abilities and behavior patterns. You may be able to learn a new language from scratch in two months, while your neighbor seems to have extreme difficulty learning even a few words. It is very unlikely for two people to have the very same experience when trying to learn something new, and subliminal messages are not an exception.

Let’s say that both, you and I are procrastinators and want to change this behavior through listening to the same subliminal message program. Now, let’s add our individuality to the mix.

If we consider that our life experience and even our brain physiology is different from one another, it should not come as a surprise that we’ll end up with different results. I may need to listen more times, or during a different time of the day. Or you may find it extremely effective after just a couple of sessions right before you go to sleep.

  • Attitude is also a huge factor. People in general don’t have the same inclination for change.

There are people who live day by day complaining about their situation and do nothing about it. And then, for some others the situation becomes unbearable which ignites the motivation necessary for change. As Tony Robbins would say “…before change can happen, we must experience a lot of pain”, thus subliminal messages work best when the correct attitude and determination for change are present.

music_to_my_ears_smAfter reading the previous paragraphs, the controversial results related to subliminal messages now make sense, don’t you think? But, despite the ongoing debate about subliminal messages, one thing is for sure… when we are exposed to the same messages over and over again, they end up affecting us.

If you don’t believe me, just watch the news for awhile and see how you feel afterward…

It’s true. In today’s world, we are bombarded with subliminal messages day in and day out, and more recent studies have shown that people can indeed respond to unconsciously perceived stimuli.

There is a good side to this… when we listen to a subliminal message that has been carefully chosen by US, we can have total control of what we feed our minds with as well as what changes we want to see in our lives.

And as more studies are conducted throughout time, more light will be shed as to how they work and why they work.

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Subliminal Software

Subliminal Software Tool

to Turbo-Charge Your Mind!

This Subliminal Software Tool is one of the newest breakthroughs in personal development. It’s a high tech software that helps you select the subliminal programs you want to run, those that resonate well with you, so you can master your thoughts and manifest your goals and dreams with ease!

When we consider what is involved in becoming a master manifestor, this tool may in fact be the most wonderful helper one can ask for. Let’s explore a handful of issues this software can help you with…



Most of us have heard of beliefs and they way in which they affect everything we do on a moment by moment basis. Actually, beliefs are a significant part of our personal blueprint. Some of these beliefs are conscious and some others, subconscious. At the same time, some of our beliefs enhance our life experience while others create limitations that prevent us from achieving our potential.

Also, beliefs can be based on experiences we have had or can be a product of our imagination.

As an example, picture a young person who’s recently graduated but has never worked. She believes that she’s got all the knowledge to land a perfect job. She also believes she won’t land a perfect job because she has no work experience. The first belief is based on reality, while the second is a product of her mind. These contradictory beliefs will make it difficult for her to attract her ideal job.

While we can understand all of this consciously; we may not be aware of all of our beliefs as many of them are lodged in the subconscious mind. The Subliminal Software Tool helps you debunk limiting beliefs and create new beliefs that are aligned with your values, purpose and dreams.


To one degree or another, we all wonder if we are visualizing “the right way.” For some it is easy to visualize, while others struggle with it. Even if we have experience visualizing, we may struggle when we have several things going on which causes distraction making the visualization process less effective.

The fact is that visualization is an essential component of the manifestation process, one we must learn in order to enhance our results.

The Subliminal Software Tool used in combination with a vision board is even more powerful, as it helps you visualize and BELIEVE that your goals and dreams ARE being manifested NOW. In other words, this software makes it EASY to visualize because it brings all of your ideals into sight!


Are you aware of the constant chatter in your mind? Those little inside voices that sometimes get loud and nasty and never cease to express something… thinking on one thing, while planning your afternoon schedule, getting ideas for your Saturday conference, judging that last conversation you had with your boss, giving an opinion, assessing priorities, self-criticizing, feeling we could have done something better, believing and disbelieving, and on and on we go, all at the same time!

It is imperative to focus the mind if we are to manifest our desires. The Subliminal Software Tool acts like a personal genie who helps you focus and get organized with your thoughts and ideas in a way that makes sense and according to the affirmations that will be fed subconsciously to your mind.

Just like a mind map, the subliminal software tool will help you slow down the mind chatter, giving you the needed focus to attract what you want.

Moreover, the software includes 120 subliminal programs with over 1500 affirmations, BUT just in case you can’t find something to suit your needs, the software will help you create your own subliminal messages to modify stubborn negative chatter and help create positive self-talk that works JUST for you. Now you can see why this software is like having your own personal genie!


iseeIn life, things do change and fast. Today we may believe a certain action is best for us, and based on an abrupt change (or for no reason at all), we may change our mind tomorrow. This creates confusion and self-doubt… Are we doing the right thing? Should we proceed? And if so, how?

When we are unsure as to how to go on, our minds get into analysis mode, making us waste time with the risk of creating paralysis. And when we don’t move, nothing happens. Simply, we don’t do a thing because we lack clarity…

The Subliminal Software Tool helps you define personal statements that bring clarity to your life; statements that are aligned with your purpose and intention.

Lack of Time

Time management is a big issue nowadays. Most of us live rushed lives and keep on adding activities and duties to our already crowded schedules. We don’t have time to identify our priorities and keep procrastinating on important things like organizing our projects and dreams in a way that bring about manifestation and fulfillment.

The Subliminal Software Tool helps you determine your wish list and state your intentions in a simple manner, which then presents to you throughout the day so no matter how busy you are, these intentions are present and fresh in your mind as you go about your daily activities. This will result in the eventual realization of your desires.

And for maximum results, you just need to set the Subliminal Software Tool and let it run with the programs you want, all by itself! How’s that for a time saver?

Lack of Know How

Self Growth has many components and at times, it may be difficult to put it all together in a way that benefits you. The Subliminal Software Tool offers you a solution to this dilemma. It comes with tutorials to install it with just a few clicks and a manual that explains all of the basics of its easy to use, simple interface. You just have to identify what you want to work on first, and the rest will evolve from there.


To manifest what we desire, we must feel grateful for what we already have. Most of us agree that gratitude is an important part of living an abundant life.

Within the Subliminal Software Tool you can create a series of gratitude affirmations to keep your grateful thoughts organized and flashing in front of you giving you a “good feeling” as you go throughout your day. In this way, the software acts like a wonderful reminder of our blessings to keep a positive outlook in life.

And speaking of gratitude… I’m grateful to have discovered this software to help us in our personal growth.

In conclusion, the Subliminal Software Tool has the power to REPROGRAM your thoughts at the DEEPEST POSSIBLE LEVEL, you can unlock your hidden potential for AMAZING things to happen by working on the changes from the inside out in a systematic and easy way.

I invite you to visit the Subliminal Software Tool site where you can read the stories of people whose lives have been amazingly transformed by the use of this software — like Ruben Gonzalez, a Three-Time Olympian, Peak Performance Expert and Professional speaker. And while you’re there, take advantage of the amazing offer to get a copy to try it out for yourself!

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You will love it!