Feng Shui

Feng Shui

for Balance & Harmony

If you have ever flipped through the pages of an interior decorating magazine, you most likely appreciated the comfort and beauty of the living environments portrayed in the photographs.

Now imagine if those living spaces were also infused with positive energy to enhance your living experience!

Good News… You can achieve this with Feng Shui, the Chinese art that literally takes interior decorating to the next level by focusing not only on material comfort but on the circulation of vital energy as well.

Feng Shui is also known as the “Art of Placement” because it helps design living spaces by placing furniture and objects in accordance with universal principles. It uses natural elements to balance the energy flow or Chi with the purpose of creating a more harmonious and happier environmental experience.

Feng Shui (pronounced Fong Schuay) literally means “wind and water.” As you know, these two natural elements are vital for life. They are also in constant movement as they flow and circulate freely throughout the planet. Since wind and water are never still, they represent energy.

Wind (oxygen, air) is the the “breath of life” and water comprises 75% of everything in the planet. Moreover, when these two natural elements combine they create a diversity of weather and temperature conditions that also determine the circumstances of life, not only for human beings but for all life forms on the planet.

Even though Wind and Water are the main elements, all five elements are considered as each has a different kind of energy based on its unique properties.

The Five Elements of Feng Shui

  • Water. Always in motion, always running, always conveying energy. It is related to life, nourishment, communication, travel and everything that has to do with movement. It is symbolized by the colors blue and black.
  • Wood. Represents creativity and innovation, inspiration, insight and motivation. It is symbolized with the colors brown and green.
  • Fire. This element represents warmth, energy, passion and enthusiasm when in balance with the other elements. It is the strongest of all elements, so must be used with caution as it can derive in aggressiveness and destruction. It is symbolized by colors in the red spectrum.
  • Earth. This is for stability, permanence, solidity, patience, honesty and methodical activities. It is symbolized by the colors beige and yellow.
  • Metal. It relates to harvest, health, business, money and success. It is symbolized by the colors white, grey or gold.

The technique used to place objects and elements in accordance to these principles is called Feng Shui Map or Bagua. It is an octagon shaped energy map or diagram with nine areas (counting the center as one) that encompasses all areas of life.

Every section is dedicated to a specific area: Prosperity, Money and Abundance; Fame, Recognition and Reputation; Love, Marriage and Relationships; Creativity and Children; Travel, Help and Mentor; Career, Work and Life Path; Skills, Abilities, Spirituality and Knowledge; Family; and Health. To learn more about the Bagua Map, please click here.

When we consider that every single living creature and every inert thing in the universe is swirling energy, all intermingled and in constant movement, we are able to perceive the value of Feng Shui in the state of our living environment that much more. From this viewpoint, Feng Shui is holistic in nature. It helps you design your living space in alignment with energy flow and universal principles so you get to live harmoniously in your environment.

Seven Essentials that You can use to apply Feng Shui to Your Living Spaces

  • Wind Chimes
    These help increase harmony within family members. Place a wind chime by your front door to invite good vibes to all who live in your home as well as to all who cross the entryway of your home. The soft sounds of a wind chime will make you feel good about being home, and raise the energy of your home  environment.  Bells hung on the front door’s knob also invite harmony into the home. The sounds of bells raise the energy every time the door is opened and people come in. Also, wind chimes in the bedroom help enhance love and relationships. In general, wind chimes disseminate good vibes into the air.
  • Rocks
    Rocks are solid and heavy which help with stabilizing and grounding creating a secure, sturdy and settled environment. These are to be placed by the entry way or foyer or in any place where there is a lot of movement in order to slow down fast moving energy and bring peace into the environment.
  • Candles
    All candles in different shapes and colors are Feng Shui enhancers. Aromatic candles are particularly good to alter energy in a variety of ways. Some are soothing, others are stimulating. Anything that affects the senses has the power to alter the flow of energy.
  • Crystals
    These should be hanged over places where family members gather together, and other places where energy can get heavy. Some examples of these are around coffee tables, family room areas and dining room tables. Crystal balls help make disagreements less intense (they absorb heavy energies) bringing calmness to the environment.
  • Red Ribbons
    In general, colors are very important when it comes to Feng Shui, and red is special in which it reflects energy that balances the Yin-Yang. Use red ribbons to hang the crystal balls, and especially tie them around your phone for clear communication, good business practices and prosperity.
  • Chinese Coins
    Speaking of red ribbons, tie a handful of Chinese coins with a 9, 18 or 27 inch red ribbon and hang it on the back of your front door handle. This will attract money and prosperity.
  • Fish Pond
    If you can afford a pond, place one with 9 gold fish (eight should be red and one black) by your front door or in your back yard. Keep the water clean at all times. The red fish is meant to bring good fortune and the black to absorb negative vibes. Also, it is peaceful to watch fish swim.

The main purpose of Feng Shui is to achieve an overall balance of Chi or energy in the living spaces. When the elements are combined harmoniously, you notice an “ideal” chi in which you feel a welcoming and warm feeling at home… or, like they say you feel at “Home Sweet Home.” On the contrary, if you feel the presence of anxiety, lack, sadness, nervousness, depression, fear, anger or any kind of uneasy feeling in your home, you will perceive the Chi as out of balance.

Just like blood pressure, the perfect chi is different for every person -and even for every home. The ideal situation is to achieve a balance between yin and yang that is unique for you and those that share your living spaces and that is conductive to your own perfect equilibrium between calmness and excitement.

Obviously, Feng Shui is more mystical and elaborated than what I have presented to you in this short article; but there is no need to become overwhelmed or discouraged. I have found a source written by an expert Feng Shui Consultant with many years of successful practice under her belt.

You see, Stephanie was a successful instructional designer in New York City.

After years of listening to her clients complaints that they couldn’t find a Feng Shui book that explained the basics in a way they could understand and use, Stephanie decided to present this complex information in a format and sequence that is easy to understand and use.

That is when she started writing about the Art or Placement in simple terms that are easy to understand and follow.

I encourage you to get the Fast Feng Shui: 9 Simple Principles for Transforming Your Life by Energizing Your Home by Stephanie Roberts, as she presents the Foundation Principles and Core Concepts of Feng Shui with simplicity – especially for beginners!

The “Fast Feng Shui: 9 Simple Principles for Transforming Your Life by Energizing Your Home” presents an effective approach to contemporary Western Feng Shui which shows you fast and effective ways to remove obstacles for growth, so you achieve greater success and prosperity in all aspects of life.

And while you are at her site, I encourage you to learn more about Stephanie’s work as a Feng Shui expert; there are plenty of testimonials, even one by Louise Hay! You will also find that she’s put her knowledge in a series of ebooks which will surely help you regardless of the area you want to improve in your life.

You can learn more about Stephanie’s work and ebooks at her site here. Start improving the harmony and abundance in your home today!

Interesting Fact…

When the Disney Corporation was planning their new Disneyland Theme Park in Hong Kong, an expert Feng Shui master was hired to help with the park’s layout and design. After careful consideration, the master suggested shifting the main gate by 12 degrees to enhance energy flow and profitability.

Then, the master incorporated the five natural elements of Feng Shui and a virtual koi pond in the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel’s flagship restaurant, “The Golden Lotus.”

Incense was burned every time a building was completed. For positive energy flow related to family and happiness, Sept 12th, 2005 was chosen as The Day for the Grand Opening!

~ Source: The Walt Disney Company – 2006 Annual Report

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing

The term “healing” means to restore health, and up until recent times it was believed that healing was achieved just by bringing into balance the systems, organs and functions of the human body.

However, the connection between body, mind and spirit cannot be denied any longer. We can attest to that when we discover that the same exact treatment for one particular ailment heals one person but not another. This fact is proof that healing encompasses much more than the balance of systems, organs and functions.

In this regard, the term “Spiritual Healing” is much more comprehensive. Spiritual healing consists of the balance of subtle energies within, which include body, mind and spirit. Once this balance is achieved, healing happens at every level.

Another relatively new term is Energy Medicine, based on the premise that all living entities emit an energy field, also known as aura, Chi, Reiki or Prana. But, regardless of name, this energy field exists and when there are disruptions in it, illness and disease arise from this imbalance.

There are a variety of spiritual healing modalities that can be used to restore health. Some of them include meditation, crystal healingYoga, acupuncture, EFT, healing touch, Reiki, aromatherapy, Ho’oponopono, sound therapy, Pranic healing, and several other healing art forms.

They all seem to be effective to one degree or another; however, regardless of technique, they all share one common and fascinating fact: Those who have tried any form of spiritual healing quickly learn that their physical health improves once they acknowledge and address their emotional well-being first.

An amazing thing about spiritual healing is that you can choose the modality and the purpose. For instance, it is very possible to alleviate and even get rid of migraine headaches altogether by using EFT, Yoga or other relaxation techniques, all proven effective and without the side effects of analgesics and sedatives.

Like migraines, there are an unlimited amount of documented stories about an array of ailments that have either gotten better or eliminated by just practicing one or more spiritual healing modalities. Even prayer has proven effective in diminishing anxiety and stress!

It doesn’t really matter which technique or method you choose to heal your body and soul. What truly matters is the healing that takes place when you do it.  If you suffer from a physical condition, you may want to research which types of spiritual healing have helped others with your specific affliction. This is not to say you should dismiss your doctor’s orders, but help yourself to faster healing.

For example, some people have found that EFT and healing touch combined are of great help when it comes to overcoming chronic pain, such as a lingering lower back pain or muscle tension caused by bad posture.

Others who face depression, find that mindful meditation and Reiki offer soothing relief and healing regardless of cause.

Amongst the many kinds of spiritual healing available, all you have to do is find the one that works for you. There is no specific guide that works best for everyone because spiritual healing is a deeply personal experience.

Along your journey you will find that you did not know yourself as well as you thought you did. You might also find that old wounds, both physical and emotional, had not healed as much as you believed they had.

Much like climbing a mountain to discover Shangri-La on the other side, the process might be difficult at times; however, the rewards will be well worth it as you start feeling better and recovering your health, once your spirit has connected with your body, mind and soul and brought into balance once again.

How would you like to learn more about Spiritual Healing and the way in which you can help yourself heal?

Spiritual Techniques for Healing the Body by Amanda Lentinthon is an ebook that you’ll want to read! In it, Amanda takes you through a brief introduction to what spiritual healing is, and then talks about the traditional “Medicine Man” and American Indian healing, shamanism, sweat lodges, altered mental states for healing, yoga and the best asanas for healing specific ailments such as bronchitis, constipation, diabetes, depression, sciatic pain, migraines, and more. Finally, she shares how to focus your energy and provides a concise description of the chakra energy system. This is a very comprehensive, yet short educational ebook; the perfect start point to get you started exploring the different methodologies available for your spiritual healing.

Here is a preview of the first chapter…

“The belief that a healthy mind equals a healthy body is not new to anyone. However, the idea that a positive spiritual existence might heal the body is sometimes misunderstood. But, those who carefully examine their own lives can probably see where their mental state inflicts harm on their physical health.

An easy example is the “when it rains it pours” syndrome.  Just when everything seems to be going poorly some people find that they wind up physically sick. It is hard to believe that the two are not in some way connected.

The same can be said for working things in reverse. Start feeling positive and having a more balanced energy and physical illness can also dissipate…”


Order your copy by clicking on the ebook image at the extra low introductory price of just $5.97! Learn about the History of Spiritual Healing, Shamanism, Altered Mental States, Yoga, Healing the Chakras, and more!

“True spiritual healing requires work on one’s self.
It requires you to figure out how to get your body
and energy into focused balance”

~ Amanda Lentinthon

“Spiritual Techniques for Healing the Body”