Personal Magnetism

The Art And Science of

Personal Magnetism

Do you ever wonder why some people who are far less physically-attractive than you have the ability to draw to themselves the exact people they need to for them to prosper? What if you could develop your Personal Magnetism to attain anything you want in life?

I recently found a little ebook that will help you achieve exactly that. And you are not going to believe how easy is to get this ability! Keep on reading and prepare to me amazed…

The Art And Science Of Personal Magnetism” by American Pioneer New Age Movement author, Theron Q. Dumont (alias Yogi Ramacharaka and William Walker Atkinson) offers a clear explanation of how to exert a powerful, irresistible influence on the reason or will of another. Think about it… what could you get if you had this power?

Absolutely Everything!

Mr. Dumont describes the two distinct poles of personal magnetism and how success depends on the coordination of the force between these poles.

We are dual organisms with both mental and physical phases of manifestation in mind and body, so when these poles coordinate with each other it results in the work of manifesting energy and creating effects.

You see, the problem for most of us is that we have one of our poles more defined than the other, but the individual that manifests to the higher degree of personal magnetism is the one who’s developed along both poles of activity synchronistically.

According to Mr. Dumont, the mental pole of personal magnetism depends for its force and energy on the ability of the mind to create thought-waves and to project them beyond the limits of the brain, into the personal atmosphere of the individual, and even beyond the range of his own personal atmosphere when necessary.

When accompanied with the physical magnetism generated by the other pole of magnetic activity, this mental magnetism strongly affects other persons that are within the field of action of these thought-waves r vibrations. However, without a good supply of the physical magnetism, these thought-waves fail to have sufficient strength to produce explicit results.

It would seem that the physical magnetism was needed to give “body” to the mental magnetism, just as the mental magnetism is needed to give color, character or “soul” to the physical magnetism. The two phases of magnetism must work together to gain he best effects.

So how do we coordinate these poles within us?

Mr. Dumont explains the characteristics of the poles, how they work together as well as the simple and straightforward very effective technique to make them work synchronistically to our advantage.

I highly recommend you get this ebook and learn how you can develop your own Personal Magnetism. This is an All-Time Classic of metaphysical science that will have you develop the ability of personal magnetism in no time at all. Get this classic now! Just click on the ebook cover image for access to details and immediate download after purchase.

Please… use this information responsibly!


Building Self-Esteem in Children


Self-Esteem in Children

Self-esteem refers to the way an individual perceives his/her self-worth in reference to their abilities to do or accomplish something. This is the reason it is vital to help children develop a good self-esteem from the early years, so they can have a more positive life experience overall.

When children have a high sense of self-worth or self-value, their attitude to respond to life’s challenges is more optimistic in nature; thus, they react more positively to challenges and as such thet are able to navigate through the ups and downs of life easier. After all, children who have a ‘can do‘ attitude are naturally more able to achieve milestones and experience success.

The benefits of high self-esteem in children are numerous. Research has shown that kids who have a high perception of their self-worth or self-value tend to succeed more and achieve more in their adult life. Children who go through life believing that they have the ability to accomplish anything generally turn out to be adults that their parents will feel proud of. Besides pride, as parents we want to see our children grow up to be happy and successful adults.

Self-Esteem in Children – How to Shape it from the Early Years

Several studies conclude that self-esteem can be developed by focusing on two main key points: a sense of being secure, loved and supported which results in a healthy feeling of belonging, and a sense of capability and self-trust.

The first point, feeling secure, loved and supported, is directly influenced by the adults in the child’s life; mainly how they perceive her, how they treat her, and how they react to what she does.  Parents, teachers, family members and other significant adults in the child’s life should make an effort to encourage and prise the child even when the child fails at something. This will ensure he feels supported and the sense of belonging will strenghten throughout the years, as he realizes that he can count on the adults in his life for guidance, learning and support.

The second point, a sense of capability and self-trust, will naturally develop throughout time as the child feels secure, loved and supported.

A word of caution… smothering children in adoration to the extent that they would be incapable of doing things independently isn’t the way to go, either. Experts in this field of research call for a balance between showing them reliable and consistent proof that they are loved, while allowing them to do things without overbearing and independence-crushing supervision.

The importance of self-esteem in children can be made manifest by the changes and developments that children experience as time goes by. If you’re a parent and you want to save your child from suffering the effects of low self-esteem, the following ideas can help you improve the way your child develops her self-perception:

  • Be positive
    Everything that you can say to your child is better said in a positive way. This is even more important if you need to reprimand or correct your child. Focusing on the positive would teach him that there is a better way to look at or do things, and that he can always choose the more pleasant take on life.
  • Provide a loving environment
    Children who are assured of the fact that they are loved tend to be more confident in everything they do. If she is sure that her existence in the world is being noticed in a lovingly way, she will have a higher opinion of her self-worth.
  • Praise your child for a job well done
    Most parents take good behavior for granted and just correct their children when the behavior is less desirable. When you make an effort to notice good behavior and make a positive comment, you will be building and reinforcing your child self-esteem. As a nice side effect, you will get a smile or grin from your child that will surely warm your heart.
  • Effort counts more than results
    Let’s acknolwdge that children learn as they grow up; thus, there will be inevitable blunders and slipups on the way. Recognize the effort more than the result and make sure he knows that it is OK not to get everything right the first time. Let him know that setbacks and hurdles are just a part of life and that instead of feeling bad about the situation, he can learn from it and do it better next time around. If he is old enough to understand and make comparisons, share with him situations in which you failed and what you learned from the experience. He will value you by knowing you also make mistakes every now and then. If you do this often, you’ll get a beautiful side effect: the parent-child relationship will get stronger over time.
  • Practice active listening
    Parents don’t usually think that active listening is an essential part of building self-esteem in children. However, when they get interested in their child’s activities and play, they get to listen to what they say. This helps in two ways: your child feels that she is important to you (and builds her self-esteem as she feels loved and accepted), and it will allow you identify self-esteem issues if they ever arise.

There are plenty of ideas, techniques and tools to help us build self-esteem in general, and many of them are good, but one is excellent especially for children:

The Children’s Self Esteem Online Program and Certification by none other than Dr. Joe Rubino, a subject-matter expert, offers a comprehensive approach to building self-esteem in children, yet it is easy to learn and follow.

This program is fantastic for any parent, educator, teacher, grandparent and every other adult that interacts with children. You will get strategies, ideas and insights to help the children in your life grow up to become their best. Additionally, if you are a coach or want to be one, this program offers a certification – a valuable and useful asset you can add to your qualifications.

Either way, this program should be in the hands of all who want to empower the next generation and help them develop their confidence to life a well-rounded and joyful life. After all, the children of today are our future. Let’s help them become the best version of themselves!

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Building Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

Building Self Esteem and Self Confidence

How would you assess your own self-worth?

There is a difference between self-esteem and self-confidence. One builds upon the other, and when a person possesses these two traits, the benefits are powerful and can be life-changing.

Self-confidence is a personal attribute that starts to build up from childhood, and refers to the ability to recognize and acknowledge one’s capability to undertake any endeavor.

This characteristic often develops from within, with the support of the people you grew up with, mainly your parents, teachers and other significant adults in your life.

A person who is self-confident is certain that the things he/she needs to do will be done accordingly, without being doubtful or needing to be affirmed by others because they believe in themselves.

Self esteem, on the other hand, is your own overall perception of your value as a person; it refers to how you regard yourself with respect to your responsibilities, obligations, efforts, relationships, and social status. Self-esteen also develops from childhood depending on how the people around you perceived and treated you; however, since it is subjective, it is something that you can always work to improve.

The interesting thing about these two traits is that they create a self-fulfilling cycle in which one builds upon the other. Thus, the more self-confidence you have, the higher your self-esteem will be and vice versa.

Factors in Building Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

Several factors affect these two personal attributes. If a child lives in a nurturing, motivating and affirming environment, he/she is most likely to grow up confident and highly esteemed. On the other hand, a hostile and critical environment instills fear, rejection, insecurities and other factors that erode self-confidence.

The childhood years may either boost or lower a child’s self-esteem and self-confidence. These can go up and down according to the experiences the child encounters while growing up. Traumatic events in life such as abandonment, separation and death can greatly affect a child. Even physical characteristics and mental capabilities can create a dent on self-confidence and self-esteem.

People who come in contact with a child or young adult also influence these traits. Even adults are prone to lose or gain confidence and self-esteem. For instance, if a man loses his job and is having a hard time finding another, his self-esteem gets damaged and as a consequence, his self-confidence gets eroded as well. Fortunately, this may be temporary, and may even boost self-confidence when he eventually finds a better job.

The family and immediate circle of influence are the basic support systems of every person. These people have an impact in developing these traits. To succeed in any life endeavor, it becomes crucial that a person gains these characteristics. When self-esteem and self-confidence are high, the person is better prepared to face the challenges that come in life.

Motivation, respect, love, caring, and understanding play very important roles in personality development. We should not underestimate the power that these factors have in achieving happiness and success. While there are unavoidable circumstances in life, taking stock of yourself allows for a more open and accepting attitude toward these adversities when they inevitable show up in your life.

Luckily, self-esteem and self-confidence are malleable, meaning, we can always work on improving them.

How to Build Your Self Esteem and Self Confidence

When you build your self-esteem, you will be able to reverse the negative perceptions that have been pulling you down.  From this position, your self-confidence rises allowing you to turn adversities into opportunities. 

An important thing to remember is that the value you have for yourself will be the basis for the way other people perceive and value you. It is you who is in charge of setting the parameters for others to value, respect and even admire you. People with high self-esteem seldom get taken advantage of.

Here are a few points to remember. Put them in practice for yourself…

  • Boost your confidence and self-regard by being authentic in any given situation and at any given time. Do not try to impress on others. Just be yourself. You are valuable as you are!
  • Pay close attention to the way in which you talk to yourself. If you make a mistake don’t judge yourself. If you catch yourself having self-derogatory thoughts, stop. Acknowledge that nobody is perfect, learn from your mistake and move on. Self-talk is extremely important; it can either increase your self-confidence or smash it… and you do it all by yourself!
  • Keep a good opinion of yourself. We all have had experiences in which we have felt proud of ourselves. Think of those moments often and use them as guideposts to remind you of what you are capable of.
  • Be cautious of the people you interact with. Avoid those whose negativity is overwhelming. Surround yourself instead with people who are cheerful and positive. You’ve heard the law of attraction principles that dictate “like attracts like.” Be optimistic and happy yourself, and eventually you will attract like-minded individuals to your life.
  • Positive thinking or optimism is also a mobilizing factor towards raising your self-esteem and increasing your self-confidence. Even when things don’t turn out as expected, explore possibilities before you start thinking of the experience as a total failure. What did you learn about what just happened? Reflect on the learning lesson versus allowing yourself to feel defeated.
  • Keep your pockets full with wisdom and knowledge. Learn to pick up lessons from the past and use them to improve your skills and know-how in the present. Again, nobody is perfect! Life is -after all- a learning experience.
  • Research and learn about personal development and self growth topics, and internalize what you find. Visit blogs and sites that spread positive messages to uplift your spirit. By the way…

Thank you for being here!! 🙂

  • Grab every opportunity that will enhance your personal traits or improve you as a person. Take a class, help a neighbor, share a great tip, tell a child “I Love You”… look for opportunities to help yourself by helping others. It will make you feel good and enhance your self-esteem!
  • Believe in yourself. Be open to a healthy competition at work, in sports, and even on a board game. Be humble enough to accept that you will not always win; however, you will always find growth through the experience. Take what you learn and do it better next time. It will increase your self-confidence!

Remember, self-development is an on-going process. Learning to know yourself, your abilities, capabilities and strengths as well as your weaknesses and accepting them, will determine the kind of person you become. Love yourself so you will be able to love others.

Recommended Resources

One of my favorite tools for a variety of self-improvement areas is hypnosis. Here is my favorite website that offers you several options to increase your self-esteem, help you build an abundance of natural self assurance, believe in yourself and become more confident, outgoing and successful in life with easy to use hypnosis downloads!

Another excellent resource is this audio alternative: The “Guide to Self Esteem and Self Confidence” by Andy Guides. Visit this site to listen to a sample and get complete details of this comprehensive audio course. Andy leaves absolutely nothing out!

Don’t have much time? Want a more pro-active approach? How about increasing your self-confidence with subliminal audios… all while you sleep? Learn about subliminal messages and how they can help you at the core by reprogramming your subconscious mind for a healthy self-esteem and self-confidence, here.

Lastly, I invite you to download “How to Boost Your Self Esteem“, a free eBook for you, courtesy of Tools for Abundance.  In it, you will discover the steps to invite success, happiness and contentment into your life. It’s the perfect primer to get you into the right mindset before you delve into hypnosis or subliminal messaging.

Remember, the only one who can make you excel is YOU and no one else!

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Love Yourself

Love Yourself

… and Transform Your Life!

We live in an amazing world, filled with abundance that manifests in so many forms; one of them being the individuality that makes each one of us uniquely valuable and beautiful in a very special way.

Unfortunately, many people fail to recognize their amazing abilities, talents, and characteristics, as they spend hours and days comparing themselves to others that are seemingly more intelligent, more beautiful, more attractive, slimmer, taller, richer, stronger, younger, and the like.

All of these comparisons lead to self-criticism and feelings of inadequacy which are only reinforced by what the media says we should look and feel like; and to achieve that, we need to get this or that gadget, lotion or potion, of course.

To add insult to injury, many harbor the belief that loving oneself is narcisistic; an act of selfishness based on ego, detachment, and self-indulgence. This is due to the cultures and traditions that many of us were raised into. These cutures do not teach, promote or support self-love as a part of growing up wth a healthy self-esteem. Actually, some take it a bit further. They judge people that talk openly about their talents or that put themselves first, because that is what they learned to do as they grew up.

Despite this all, we know inherently that self-love is an essential part of a healthy psyque and a well-rounded individual. Self-love is extremely important as the central point to a well balanced life, yet many people don’t even know how to love themselves in a way that doesn’t nurture any of those undesirable adjectives listed above. The good news is that like anything else, you can learn to love yourself without feeling selfish or ‘out-of-place.’

First, become aware of the feelings you have been harboring about self-love as a result of the way you were brought up. To do this, think of the way you feel when you receive a compliment about a talent you have or a job well done. Do you feel uncomfotable? Shy or inadequate, perhaps? If so, this may reveal the block you have toward accepting and loving yourself.

As you think of this, realize that you cannot give something that you don’t have, and that applies to love as well. In other words, you cannot truly love others if you don’t love yourself first. On the contrary, when you don’t love yourself you become needy and you tend to look for love ‘out there‘ to fill the emptiness. Each one of us wants to be loved. Love is, after all, a human basic need and the true power that moves the world.

However, seeking love from a needy stance is a risky proposition because you may end up accepting love from people who do not have your best interest at heart. This is not genuine love and it will not last long. This kind of situation eventually leaves you feeling isolated, sad, and even depressed.

Secondly, realize that you are not perfect, nobody is. I know you know this; however, it is important to acknowledge this and bring it to awareness because from this perspective, you will not expect perfection from yourself.

Also, once you get to this point, it will be easier to learn to love yourself with respect and unconditional acceptance. Know that in spite of your flaws and imperfections, you are entitled to and worthy of love, and the first love you deserve is from yourself.

This does not mean that you will settle in your old ways. Personal growth lays its foundation in self-respect, self-recognition, and self-love. From that stand, you will be seeking improvement in whatever area you want to better yourself at.

Lastly, I suggest you make a list of the things that you love about yourself. Don’t be shy. You know your talents and abilities. Then, dedicate some time to read and re-read them often, and learn to value yourself as much as you deserve it. Don’t let yourself down. Learn to be your best friend by supporting and applauding the successes you’ve had because of your individual traits and talents.

Benefits of Self-Love

Once you learn to love yourself you will get a feeling of permanent contentment and satisfaction. Your self-esteem improves and you become more self-reliant because you don’t need the validation of others or ask their permission to do anything. You don’t need approval to be who you are and pursue your dreams on your own terms. You don’t have to be a ‘people pleaser‘ either, and you can certainly can say ‘no’ without feeling guilty when you authentically cannot help someone.

Love has so many different connotations. Learning to feel love for yourself is the foundation behind living an emotionally and spiritually sound life with the potential for many successes. There is much potential, talent, ability and drive within you to do great things – you just need to start loving yourself and give yourself the opportunity to try whatever you want to try.

When you love yourself you put out your abilities which translates into doing your best at any given task. You embrace the fact that you deserve just as much happiness and success as anyone else. You will also open the gates to receive much love as well, for genuine, true love is reciprocal at best.

In closing, some of us may still need help to break those cultural blocks we were discussing earlier. If this is your case, I suggest you give EFT (Tapping) a try. This amazing technique is easy to learn and implement in just a few minutes. It can be done by anyone and in any place. This technique is very powerful to help you overcome all sorts of challenges. As a matter of fact, the statements you will be using regularly when you practice Tapping start with “Even though (fill in the blank with the situation you want to change)___________ I completely love and accept myself.”

When you think about it, loving and accepting yourself regardless of circumstances plays a major part of EFT’s success. No wonder it works!  Give it a try and prepare to be amazed!

Love yourself and witness a complete transformation in every area of your life!





Your Personal Power Weapon!

Personal Power… the mere thought of those words make us feel empowered, wouldn’t you agree?

People who convey their personal power are people who have mastered the fine art of Charisma. And when we talk about charisma we can immediately think of having a positive attitude and an outgoing personality. This is why charismatic people attract like-minded individuals and situations that help them succeed.

And what exactly is charisma?

Charisma can be defined as a trait that can be found in some people with magnetic personalities and extreme charm. Charismatic people are usually calm, assertive, and self-confident. They are also authentic, able to focus on others, and masters at active listening.

They make others “feel important”.  They smile easily and do not take life too seriously. Many of them have also a gift for public speaking. They are loved by many and even envied by a few.

Can you think of someone you know who is naturally agreeable and friendly? Perhaps a person who you feel drawn to? Have you seen that person in a room full of strangers? Most likely they’ll start chatting and making friends in no time at all… right?

This is what being a people person means. Charismatic people are unbelievably nice and pleasant. They can charm almost anyone into doing anything, really!

A person with this personal magnetism can achieve greatness because they attract the precise people and situations that propel them to success. These people earn the trust and support of those around them with ease. And they can do anything they want to with the plethora of people behind them. All because they know how to use their charming personality to their advantage!

Charisma: Innate trait or can it be developed?

Some scholars affirm that certain personality traits like charisma can’t be learned; that we must be born with it. I disagree. I believe we all are born with the potential to be charming. If we really think about it, isn’t charisma a reflection of an abundance of self-confidence? And if this is so, why couldn’t we learn to overcome our self doubt and limitations? Do you agree with me?

Here are a few tips that can help you become charismatic. With practice, we can learn to exude self-confidence and become the people person we’d like to be.

1. Be authentic and true to yourself

Hypocrisy and selfishness can be perceived and will eventually drag you down. Be genuinely nice and interested in people.

2. Become an active listener

Learn to listen and sympathize with people to earn their trust, appreciation and love. When people have problems they want to be listened to. This is why people go to therapy! Active listening means not just hearing, but putting your heart into listening attentively.

Make eye contact when the person talks to you. Your body language is also important. Nod in agreement when appropriate. Listen as if every word matters. You will earn “brownie points” as they feel your empathy.

3. Learn to laugh out loud

Not in a silly way, but by finding humor in small things and not being too darn serious about life in general. A person oozing with an awesome sense of humor attracts crowds and eventually, success. People like to be around happy and positive people!

Also, learn to laugh about your own blunders. It will make you likable as you convey humbleness. People feel comfortable with a down-to-earth person.

4. Practice random acts of kindness

You don’t have to be a millionaire to blow your savings to charity and be noticed. What truly matters are little acts of kindness. It doesn’t need to be elaborated nor does it require prior planning. Be spontaneous and do it from the heart.

It can be a simple act like giving someone a flower, a phone call to ask how things are going or a word of encouragement for someone that’s feeling down. Even helping a senior cross the street counts!

5. Be willing to change

You must be willing to develop your personality openly. Focus on getting rid of bad traits and habits that may inhibit your growth. A charismatic person cannot be shy, grouchy, ill-tempered, or pessimistic. They do not snap at anyone, and know how to stay in control.

6. Develop self-confidence

Be able to stride to the other corner of the room and introduce yourself to people with that winning smile of yours. Just remember to be confident, not arrogant.

7. Cultivate your relationships

Your relationship with others should never be neglected. Be willing to go out and have fun with family and friends. Feeling happy around those who matter most to you will allow you to relax and practice all of the above points.

When you develop charisma you have an “edge” over others. You become powerful. People will feel drawn to you; they will trust you. You will feel like a magnet. People will look to you for leadership. They will try to emulate you, and this will allow you to influence them.

This can be exciting!

But please do not forget that all of this comes with a big responsibility. Don’t use it to manipulate others. Do not abuse this power. Instead, use your charisma to become a better and more lovable person.

Use it to your advantage but never to take advantage.

Use your charisma wisely and you will become a winner!


Improve Your Self Confidence with Subliminal Messages

Improve Your Self-Confidence

with Subliminal Messages

Did you know that self-confidence is an illusion? Yes, it is all in your mind!

smilingLet me explain… Our brains are truly amazing in a multitude of ways. One of them is the ability to become increasingly resourceful as we grow up by developing different pathways to adapt and make progress for a variety of purposes in life.

This extremely intricate matter develops as every human being goes through his own unique life path, and these infinite variations affect our self-confidence and personality as we go.

Life experiences give origin to a vast network of neuro-pathways in which 1000’s of messages are sent every second, every day. Because of its complicated structure no two people are alike.

During the course of our lives our brains grow, develop, reshape, pick up patterns some of thinking and eliminate others -which become normal to each one of us, and even help us to do a large amount of tasks on auto-pilot; and we all do this despite sharing the same functions at the organ and system levels.

And then, environmental factors also play a role for developing self-confidence. For instance, thanks to a good teacher a child may have a positive experience in school, thus he learns to enjoy studying and use his brains more for that purpose. Another may go on to excel in sports, and develop the perfect mindset and patterns of thinking that are required for sports success. These kids have had good experiences that helped them enhance their self-confidence.

If the majority of their experiences are like these, most likely these kids will grow up into adulthood feeling and looking naturally confident. They will develop a confident voice and because of that, people will listen when they talk. They will go on to thrive on social situations.

But not all experiences are positive. So as we progress through life and add on from our experiences, we also end up storing patterns of thinking and self-beliefs that are not always helpful to develop a healthy self confidence or achieve our full potential.

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Sadly, at one point or another, we all receive negative feedback which creates a negative response mechanism in the brain.

An example of this is the person who is told that they are not good at something. If the person believes that predicament, a negative response is triggered in his brain and his self-confidence suffers. If these experiences become habitual, they may eventually become the cause that prevents them from achieving success in a variety of things.

When a negative reaction in the brain stems from this kind of feedback, it creates a shutdown of certain neuro-pathways. To a certain point, this is a good thing. This mechanism of our mind gets activated to protect us from rejection and criticism; however, everything has a downside.

As the person goes through this experience, his core gets affected, his self-confidence gets eroded, and imaginary limitations develop.

Not all experiences are life shattering, but as we go through life, these patterns of behavior and self-beliefs become a firm part of our personality, of who we are, and because of them we rarely live up to our full potential. The good news is that these self-imposed limitations can be broken as we learn to rewire our brains.

Perhaps you have found yourself wondering why you seem more introverted and “naturally” shy that your friends, co-workers or a certain family member. You have perhaps felt like these confident people have something special to their names and that you will never be really confident like them, but now you have learnt that this isn’t true.

Confidence is a skill which anyone can learn, and it may be easier than you think!

Here is How…

climbing_outSubliminal messages offer a simple way to reprogram our subconscious mind.

These audio messages help you eliminate specific negative beliefs that are holding you back. They replace unhelpful thoughts with affirmative ones to help you recover the belief in your SELF, a necessary trait to recover your self-confidence and reach success.

As these messages target your subconscious mind directly, they induce changes that affect your perceptions and in turn improve upon your self-belief. Subliminal messages are a powerful tool because you are not consciously aware of the messages. This is a good thing as they bypass the critical component of the conscious mind and gradually build to shape your mind in a beneficial way, starting at the “basement” of your SELF, so to speak.

Once the new beliefs are instilled in your subconscious mind, they will naturally spill into your conscious mind and propel you to begin gradual changes in your way of thinking. Slowly and steadily they will replace old useless beliefs with positive ones, planting powerful seeds of self-confidence that eventually result in improved patterns of behavior with the consequent results.

Imagine the feeling of having the same set of self-beliefs as a person who is very confident, a person who feels excited to interact with others, who feels more charismatic and extroverted…

Imagine how your life could change if you were free of detrimental self-perceptions and as a result your self-esteem blossomed! Just imagine how much more you could achieve in life feeling at the top of the world!

All of this and more is possible with subliminal messages as they rewire your subconscious mind and redesign your life in many different ways for the better. You can try Subliminal MP3s for FREE and decide for yourself. Get three highly effective albums now, and experience amazing changes for yourself!

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