The Power to Heal is in Your Hands!

Reiki is a Japanese Healing Art based on ancient wisdom. From health to spiritual and financial abundance, Reiki can be used to create abundance in every aspect of life.

The word itself derives from two elements. ‘Rae’, which means Universal, and ‘Ki’ that refers to Life Force Energy, or that which gives us life.

Thus, we can refer to Rei-ki as The Universal Life Force Energy or the vital energy that we are connected to through breath.

Every time we breathe, we bring into ourselves this Universal Life Energy. It is also said that, Rae is the Universal Spirit (also called God or The Source) and Ki is manifestation of that spirit in all living creatures; however, it is important to mention that this healing art has no religious affiliation of any kind.

When we work with Reiki, we are working with the Spiritual Force or the energy that we all share, energy that lies within us and is available to us all.  As we work with Reiki our intention to balance the chakras or sacred energy centers from which all of our functions, integration and enlightenment spring from.

When the chakras are in balance we enjoy physical, emotional, and spiritual health. There are seven main chakras: crown, brow/third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and base/root.

Each chakra represents one energy center that corresponds to nerve endings and ganglia that branch out from the spine. Furthermore, each center is associated with stages of development, archetypes, colors and sounds, physiological functions, mental awareness and states of consciousness, as well as other aspects of being.

Basic Characteristics of Every Chakra

Chakra Sanskrit Name Color Location Area of Influence
Muladhara Red Coccyx – Base of Spine Survival, Security, Responsibility
Svadisthana Orange Below the Navel – Lower Abdomen Feelings, Connectedness, Sexuality
Manipura Yellow Above the Navel – Stomach Power, Self-Confidence, Ego
Anahata Green Chest Relationships, Love, Acceptance
Visuddha Blue Throat Expression, Loyalty, Organization
Anja Indigo Between the eyes Intuition, Insight, Third eye
Sahasrara Violet Crown – Top of head Knowingness, Connection to Source

Reiki works in a comprehensive manner. It offers to empower and balance your chakra energy system as a whole to bring your body, mind, emotions, and spirit into harmony. We work with this energy in a non-judgmental, non-invasive, kind, and compassionate way by positioning our hands in specific places on or above the body (with or without touch) and with a focused intention to heal or make things better.

This healing therapy does NOT rely on physical manipulation like massage therapy, physiotherapy or chiropractic treatment. It doesn’t need drugs, medication or herbs for it to work either. Furthermore, there is no need for a diagnosis and unlike Allopathic Medicine, Reiki has not different treatments for specific ailments or diseases.

As you study this healing art, you will come across many different modalities. Last I heard there were over 40. This can be overwhelming and confusing, especially if you are just starting to get familiar with this healing art. Therefore, I suggest you stick to Usui Reiki as this is the one from which all those other modalities or practices have derived from.

The main focus of Reiki is on healing the energy patterns that may be disrupted or blocked. These blocks have caused the clogging -or closing- of our chakras which in turn have brought about unwanted signs and symptoms that are creating discomfort and disease. Our energy flow can get obstructed as a result of a variety of energy-snatching causes like negative experiences, worries, feelings, emotions, day to day stress, malnutrition, and even germs and pollution.

Thus, manipulating our energy will help us reestablish the balance in the energy flow within so we can live in harmony within our inner world and with our outer world.

Reiki therapy is totally harmless and has a wide range of uses. As mentioned above, there is no specific methodology for a muscle pain or a headache. And there is no special treatment for depression or anxiety either. The same form of Reiki can be used to heal any ailment and complaint because it focuses in healing the spirit as a whole and realigning the energy flow at its core.

This treatment helps reduce stress and apprehension; it lessens pain, relaxes, brings calmness to counteract the effects of a busy lifestyle, and creates a deep sense of peace, relaxation, and well being.

This healing art can be used on all living creatures -humans, animals and plants- as well as to “cure” disruptions in the energy field of the surrounding environment and even to clear the energy around your business. Yes, as amazing as this may sound, Reiki has also been used to create financial abundance. It aids in the removal of blocks that may be clogging up energy paths which prevent us from moving forward in business.

Another fascinating aspect of Reiki is that physical distance is irrelevantDistance healing can be performed to help those that are far away, and even to send peace to certain parts of the Globe.

The results of distant healing are not well understood, but it is believed that we share this life force through an invisible net that links us all; so when we are working with this powerful energy, we are directing the healing force through the net –so to speak- to a specific target and with a particular intention.

And for those of us who are more inclined to scientific data and research, did you know that Reiki has electrical and magnetic qualities that can be measured? This document by Bernadette Doran, BS, RMT, Director of Equilibrium Energy & Education, a wellness center in Chicago, will walk you through to the science behind Reiki and the irrefutable proof of magneto-biology which makes Reiki work. You are going to be fascinated by “The Science Behind Reiki“… a free download that will open your eyes to the possibilities!

To bring this all up to a simple definition, this healing art is a gentle, non-invasive, drug-free healing therapy that nurtures a sense of balance and harmony with the intention to heal the individual as a whole… the all encompassing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of being. Isn’t it awesome?

The power to heal ourselves and others lies in our hands… Literally!

Thanks to technology, it is easier than ever to learn this healing art and become a Reiki Master… I invite you to visit my personal Reiki blog where you’ll have the opportunity to learn in-depth information about Reiki and to take a FREE 7 Part Introduction to Reiki Audio Course – the same course that initiated me into this magnificent Healing Art.

May the Force Be with You!

I invite you to relax watching this short video… enjoy the soft music, learn the many ways in which Reiki can heal you, and discover the Reiki Principles for a Blissful Life! Take a couple of minutes to unwind and feel the Reiki flowing through you! Enjoy!



Improve Your


OMG! I have such a terrible memory! I know I have seen that person before… but where? What is her name? I can’t remember… This is so embarrassing!!

How many times have you heard this? Has something similar happened to you? And I bet the opposite is also true. Have you recalled long gone exciting experiences in detail and just in a few seconds after running into an old flame while walking on the park?

We’ve all experience these awkward and exhilarating moments at one point or another. Sometimes we feel as if our memory was our best friend, while others it may feel like it’s betraying us.

This is why memory is considered one of the most fascinating and intriguing of the human functions… more powerful and capable than a computer, more flexible and much more durable for sure! And despite its unlimited capabilities is still one of the greatest human mysteries…

Let’s learn a bit about memory and how it works. There are basically three types of memory:

  • Short Term Memory is at play most of the time, “taking notes” so to say, before deciding what to keep long term and what to discard. When we are reading a book, for instance, we must retain the general idea of the paragraph for it to make sense as we read the entire book.STM is limited to capturing chunks and bits of information. This is why it’s easier to retain short sentences of hyphenated phone numbers than long paragraphs or a long string of numbers. But STM is also unstable and highly distracted, meaning that interference can prevent us from recalling. One example is when we try to memorize a phone number and the phone rings. We get distracted and the chunk of information vanishes.
  • Long Term Memory is the amount of information that we store over a long time, even for life. As far as we know, it has unlimited storage, as we can remember a multitude of things that have happened while we keep on increasing the amount of memories over time.
  • Then, there is Sensory Memory. Some consider it as a separate type all by itself while others see it as a part of LTM. As the name implies, it is associated to our senses. We can remember something by touch (how does your favorite blanket feel?), visually (do you remember how a colorful butterfly looks like), auditory (have you listened to a song and instantly remembered an event?), taste (think of your favorite food… how does it taste?) and smell (that special scent brings up memories of a special person, doesn’t it?)

LTM subdivides into two categories… Declarative and Procedural.

Declarative Memory is responsible for storing facts which can be consciously recalled for discussion or “declaration.” Procedural Memory applies to the learning of skills, like driving a bike or tying one’s shoe laces. Active recall and repetition make these a part of LTM. DM also subdivides into Episodic and Semantic, which can function together or independently of each other.

  • Episodic– is a sequential record of facts, events, times, places and emotions which allows us to reconstruct events in a step-by-step fashion. It is related to personal experience. It allows us to know what happened first and what came after in a certain episode in our lives.
  • Semantic– is a conscious recollection of facts, things, skills, information and concepts that we have learned over the years. This is unrelated to personal experience. It gives meaning to concepts, provides understanding of the world around us. For instance, we can remember what a car looks like because we have learned what a car is and have retained that memory.

One of the most fascinating aspects of memory is that it doesn’t happen in just one structure of the human body but within a group of systems that allow us to recall several experiences of the past and even think of how these can affect the future all at the same time.

So why is it that we forget things?

First, let’s talk about the processes that make us remember. There are four main activities related to LTM:

Encoding, Storage, Retrieval, and Deletion.

  • Encoding transforms a piece of information into something than can be stored. Just like a computer uses zeros and ones to store information, the human mind uses association, either with an existing past experience, a sound, a feeling, an idea, etc.
  • Storage is holding on to the information and it is accomplished by rehearsal or continuous exposure to the stimuli. A physiological response needs to happen and the neuro-chemical change recorded for the information to be stored. Verbal coding plays an extremely important part too, meaning association of words related to a certain event. Research has shown that time and consistency aid in the retention and storage of information long-term.
  • Retrieval means bringing the information out of storage for its use, like remembering how to do a specific task or knowing how to discuss a specific topic. Much of this can happen subconsciously; for instance, cleaning the house while thinking of something else, or driving to work on “automatic.”
  • Deletion is better known as forgetting. However, it is not clear if we actually forget or if it becomes difficult to access certain bits of information. In other words, the information is there, stored in our brain but we can’t access it.

But before we go on, let me assure you that forgetting is not such a bad thing. Can you imagine what would happen if you were able to remember every single aspect, event, situation, day, hour, minute and second since you were born? It would be maddening for sure. Think about it!

Many factors have been associated with being forgetful, such as aging, trauma, and stress to name a few. If stress is affecting your life and your memory, you can greatly benefit from meditation and hypnosis which can relax your overactive mind overtime.

Another reason -physiological in nature- relates to STM which acts like a “filter.” Because of this, unimportant or trivial concepts never make it to our LTM.

Other times, much like cleaning your hard drive, our brain may just discard information that is no longer usable. Some scientists believe that we may be physiological programmed to forget certain things, much like a protection mechanism. An example of this is psychological amnesia that presents itself to prevent emotional pain.

It’s also important to mention that forgetting is not necessarily permanent. As we mentioned earlier, the information is most likely “there”, we just fail to retrieve it.

There are several ways in which we can improve our memory. One is through fun exercises called mnemonic techniques. Here is a list of the six Mnemonic* Exercises that I like and use regularly…

  • Utilize visual images linked to concepts to help you memorize and remember. For instance, you can visualize a microphone image while talking to a man named Mike while associating his face with a microphone so you can later recall his name. When the association is funny, you’ll remember the information easier.
  • Acronyms are initials that create words. An example is “CHON” an acronym that represents the four basic elements in living organisms (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen)
  • Rhyme and rhythm are also helpful. Organizing words that rhyme and adding a tune to your new poem to make it a song makes it easier to remember. One example is when young children memorize the letters of the alphabet to the tune or “Twinkle, twinkle, little star…”
  • The Loci Method is an effective way to memorize big chunks of information, like a speech. It uses organization, visual memory and association. I used this method quite frequently when I was in College, and always got good grades! It works like this…Identify a common path that you walk, either at home, on the park or one that is familiar to you. Now identify     landmarks that you pass when you walk on this path. Do it at first while reading your speech. Make a mental note of the landmark you are passing by and associate it with the part of your speech you are saying. Pretty soon, just visualizing your path and the landmarks you’ll be able to recall your speech!

  • “Chunking”refers to memorizing chunks of information, such as a phone number. Research has found that we can retain between 5 and 9 digits in STM. This is why phone numbers have 7 digits… and you thought this was a random event!Now, chunking makes it easier to remember by breaking the string of digits into more manageable chunks or information. Try this… memorize this string of numbers = 5278493… now try it like this 527-84-93…   which was easier? Chunking can be also used with words and sentences. Just get creative!
  • The Keyword Technique is very helpful to learn foreign languages as well as to increase your vocabulary or learn the meaning of terms. For this technique is important to associate a word that you know the meaning of to the new word that you want to learn, and then add something funny to it.Let’s use two investment terms as an example. The Bear Market vs. the Bull Market. Picture the bear hibernating for at least six months of the year. The lazy bear goes “down to sleep” = Bear Market means the   market is down. Picture now the bull… an aggressive creature that attacks full force with its horns = Bull Market means the market is going up.

Other important elements to strengthen and enhance your ability to process and recall information, are…

  • Exercise. Regular physical activity increases the flow of oxygen to your brain and reduces the incidence of illnesses that could lead to memory loss, such as diabetes, cholesterol, and Alzheimer.
  • Play. Playing strategy board games forces your brain to think creatively, making new neural connections… so, pull out your chess board or scrabble and have fun!
  • Stress Management. When we are under stress it is more difficult to concentrate. When we are thinking of three things at the same time while leaving the car keys somewhere without paying attention… we won’t remember where we left the keys… More importantly, when cortisol – a stress hormone – is constantly present in the bloodstream, it can eventually damage the hippocampus.
  • Sleep is needed for memory consolidation, as sleep deprivation, insomnia and apnea prevent you from getting proper rest making it more difficult to concentrate and remember when you are awake.
  • Balanced Nutrition is essential for memory. Ingesting proper amounts of B complex (B6, B12 and folic acid) protects neurons (brain cells) from toxins. Remember to eat your broccoli! Antioxidants like Vitamins A, C and E fight free radicals which can damage cells, including neurons. Antioxidants also aid in the flow of oxygen to your brain and slow down the aging process in the whole body. So remember to eat carrots, tomatoes and oranges!Omega-3 fatty acids or “healthy fats” have been associated with cognitive function in the brain, thus helping you keep your memory healthy until old age. Among the best sources are salmon and tuna, as well as flaxseed oil.

It is my hope that the above information will point you to the right direction. Obviously, a discussion of proper nutrition goes beyond the scope of this website, so I suggest you research information about a balanced diet that will keep your body healthy and your brain functioning at peak performance for many years to come!

Now that you’ve learned the basics of memory, how it works, and some of the things you can do to improve it, I’d like to remind you that memory is like muscle… the more you use it the stronger it becomes.

There is a multitude of powerful ways to sharpen your memory, overcome forgetfulness, and easily retain information in your mind for immediate retrieval anytime you desire.

Best of all, many of the methods are simple, practical, and fun to learn!

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*Mnemonics – Encarta Dictionary – a short rhyme, phrase or other mental technique for making information easier to memorize.




It is a fact. Positive affirmations work. When you learn to use them properly, they can help you manifest your most cherished desires to create permanent change in your life.

An affirmation is a solid declaration that something is true. This doesn’t mean it is actually true, but it is true for you as you are the one saying it. For example, if that little girl believes that she can open that heavy portal, she most certainly will! Keep this in mind while you read this webpage.

Your subconscious mind is at work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It is aware at all times. Every time you think, do or talk, you are affirming something without even realizing it. All of your inner chatter is based on affirmations too.

Therefore, your flow of thoughts and words is creating your reality as you get to experience it, on a moment by moment basis. This is not only extremely powerful, but it can be both, exciting and dangerous as well. Here’s why…

Unfortunately for an untrained mind, thoughts lean toward the negative side about 90% of the time. Thinking in this manner creates negative emotions and this feeds negative output… no wonder life can seem like an endless struggle for so many people!

And it gets more interesting… Affirmations and beliefs are intimately connected. Our beliefs are based on statements we’ve heard or what we’ve observed while growing up which -through repetition- have become engraved in our subconscious mind and have given form to our present thought patterns. For instance, take a look at the baby boomer generation. Most of them had the desire and motivation to succeed through hard work. They’ve been self-confident, self-reliant, independent and entrepreneurial in spirit. They did not shy away from challenges; actually, they approached them eagerly. This behavior is based on beliefs that came from having grown up in a time of change, expansion, and middle-class affluence where the principle of hard, honest work was a reason of pride. These values were ingrained in their subconscious minds.  Look around…. do you know anyone that fits these parameters? Most likely they were born between 1946 and 1964.

As you’ve seen, not all beliefs are negative in nature or wrong. Some of these beliefs have contributed to our growth and development as human beings in a positive way. As such, certain beliefs give shape to our values and help us determine the difference between good and bad behaviors. For instance, most of us have been taught that stealing is wrong. This is a belief, as we were not born knowing this. This is by general consensus, a good behavior. However, other beliefs may be hindering our progress and growth. These are the ones we must change into beliefs that can help us improve the quality of our lives. One way to do this is… you guessed it, with affirmations.

With all of this in mind, we can presume that most of our daily declarations are based on old programming. If this is so, it may be a good time to examine our beliefs, get rid of what doesn’t serve us anymore and adopt new beliefs based on our newly acquired paradigms.

One way to do this is by using short positive sentences to help us reprogram our mind and create change. We can target certain beliefs that have been holding us back with specific statements. These assertions have the power to modify thought patterns, beliefs and outcomes.

It is important to focus consciously on stating positive phrases and nurturing positive thoughts. The more determined you are to see changes in a particular area of your life, the faster you’ll see affirmations working for you.

Your subconscious mind takes everything at face value. It cannot tell the difference between true and false, right or wrong, yes or no. This can help you reprogram your mind; however, old beliefs have deep roots so the stronger the roots, the bigger the challenge.

This doesn’t mean it’s impossible to change old beliefs. You can yank out those roots but it will take perseverance, practice and perhaps a bit more time. Knowing this helps too, as you can be more patient with yourself through the process.

You’ll know your affirmations are working by focusing on your feelings. When you affirm something and you feel excited as if  ‘it‘ had already happened, you are resonating with your words, because they feel true to yourself.  This means that your subconscious is accepting the “new” truth and forming a new belief.

On the contrary, if you state something that makes you feel uneasy it means that your subconscious mind is resisting the change. If this happens you can either revise your statement, modify the words you are using, or keep on pressing with passion and conviction until you imprint the new idea in your subconscious mind.

A word of caution, though… Due to the fact that positive affirmations challenge your beliefs to reprogram your thought patterns, it may take some time to see results. This is why many people claim they don’t work. Being patient and persistent while believing in your heart that they will work, is imperative. As you do this repeatedly and with unwavering dedication, your dysfunctional beliefs will eventually be replaced with new positive beliefs. It’s just a matter of time. Do not give up! Only then will positive change come easily and naturally.

Do you need help in creating your own infallible positive affirmations? How about getting access to a powerful software that talks directly to your subconscious mind while you work?

And how about having the ability to infuse your subconscious mind with over 18000 positive affirmations every single day? Do you think that would speed up the process of reinventing yourself with new positive beliefs that support your goals? You bet!

Incredible, you say? Just take a look at how this works as well as the recent scientific evidence that support this powerful affirmation delivery technology!

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The self help pc tool

Keep these three sentences in mind at all times –and act on them-
as they have the power to better your life in amazing ways!

Your Affirmations Control Your Thoughts.

Your Thoughts Dictate Your Actions.

Your Actions Affect Your Results.

”There is undeniable energy in positive words and thoughts”
– use them to your advantage!


Vibrational Healing

Vibrational Healing

How to Raise Your Vibrations with Vibrational Sound Tools

One of the greatest discoveries of the modern days is that the Universe -and everything contained within- is energy. And as we learned in our science class, energy is not solid but made up of sub-microscopic particles in constant movement.

pianoVibrational Healing is one of the many interesting implications that rise from this fact. From inert objects to live creatures, every single thing in the Universe is vibrating …constantly. Unfortunately, our limited perception doesn’t allow us to see these vibrating particles with the naked eye due to their microscopic nature and the ultra fast rate at which they move. Thus, every object appears as solid when in fact, it is not. This is one of the greatest illusions of life.

From the macro-world to the micro-world, this simple fact has enormous implications on every aspect of existence as it contradicts universal laws that until quite recently were taken as solid truths.

Therefore, we are NOT independent individuals, but parts of a whole vibrational soup; we resonate with-in and with-out and as such, we affect our selves, our environment and each other as we go.

Just as the strings of a piano, if we were in sync with each other we would be able to perform a magnificent symphony. Think about it! In an ideal world, these vibrations would reverberate in unison complimenting each other for a well balanced and harmonious existence of all and for all.

For the purpose of this article, let’s focus on the micro-world, that which lies within each one of us and which applies to every system, organ and cell that forms every human body. After all, change starts within… always!

Perfect health is possible when we maintain an ideal rate of vibration. As such, it is safe to assume that -regardless of the aggressor- illness and disease develop from an alteration in vibration which disrupts the energy field and causes the imbalance.

Vibrational Healing is based on the belief that discord is present in the energy field long before it becomes a physiological problem. Thus, in order to restore health, vibrations must be brought to balance again; and in order to keep healthy, vibrations must be maintained high.

chakrasEastern Medicine therapies are based on the concept of chi balance.

Also, ancient Indian texts often refer to the human energy field as centers of power within. They explain how these energy centers correlate to the endocrine system and how this net of energy connections affects the physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual states of being.

Interesting Facts that Support Vibrational Healing

  • Dr. Otto Warburg, cancer researcher and 1931 Nobel Prize winner, discovered that human cells have an electrical voltage.
  • In 1992, Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology built the first frequency monitor in the world. Tainio determined that the average frequency of the human body during the daytime is between 62 and 68 MHz. A healthy body frequency is 62-72 MHz. Megahertz (MHz) is the equivalent to one million oscillations per second. When the frequency drops, the immune system is compromised.
  • Bjorn Nordenstrom, a Swedish radiologist and author of “Biologically Closed Circuits” discovered that a cancer tumor could be dissolved by running a milliamp D.C. current through an electrode placed within the malignant tumor.
“If parts of the body become imbalanced, they may be healed
through projecting the proper and correct frequencies back into the body.”
~ Jonathan Goldman, author
“Healing Sounds: The Power of Harmonics”
  • Robert O. Becker, M.D., author of “The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life” says that the human body has an electrical frequency and that this frequency is intimately related to the state of a person’s health.
  • Royal Raymond Rife, M.D., developed a frequency generator to pass frequencies through an affected or diseased area in the body. He discovered that some frequencies can destroy disease, and others can prevent disease altogether!
  • Although still controversial, the human field energy may also be seen. Seymon Kirlian, a Russian amateur inventor and electrician, created a photographic process to see the human energy field or aura.

This sample of evidence supports the more recent Quantum Physics research: We are beings of energy.

Just as we have a system of arteries and veins throughout the body to collect and deliver nutrients in the blood from one part of the body to another, we also have energy paths that distribute energy throughout.

These are called meridians, and have become more known recently thanks to mainstream talk about reflexology, chakras, acupuncture and EFT.

When this flow of energy is moving uninterrupted and free of blocks, we are in a stable state of good health but, when blocks are present, energy accumulates in one area and creates lack in another. This causes a weak flow that derives in illness or dis-ease. Worse yet, much like a garden hose, if the blockage is severe and not corrected, the biological hose may rupture causing major problems.

Therefore, low energy levels translate into poor health, but keeping vibration in sync may be a challenge for those with rushed lifestyles as they face stress and other external aggressors constantly. No wonder society in general is sicker than ever, despite the numerous medical advancements!

Vibrational Healing can help restore the proper energy flow for optimal health and performance; and one of the great advantages of Vibrational Healing is that it seems to have no negative side effects. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Let’s go a step further and connect a few more dots.

at_the_edge1By now, you have most likely become aware of the obvious relationship between Vibrational Healing and manifesting our desires. After all, the law of attraction literature is always advising to raise one’s vibrations.

This is because good things have a high vibration, so when you resonate with that you are able to manifest and attract what you want, health included! But the question remains… what exactly are you to do to raise your vibrational state?

There are many ways in which you can raise your vibrations.

Visualizationaffirmations and meditation are all valid Vibrational Healing techniques that can aid in raising your vibes. However, it is my belief that a more comprehensive approach works best to increase vibrations on a regular basis.

hands-on approach to Vibrational Healing should include movement and sound therapy. Here are a couple of suggestions…

Ancient practices such as Yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Kung are a great starting point. These guide you through a series of movements that facilitate and open up the flow of energy through the meridian points, providing vibratory balance to your system as a whole.

These practices offer additional benefits, such as strength and flexibility, improvement of breathing, oxygenation and blood flow, stress reduction, centeredness facilitation, connecting of mind and body to create serenity, and awakening one’s potential, to name a few.

A lesser known practice to increase one’s vibes takes place by engaging the sense of audition. This Vibrational Healing can be done with tuning forks.

These tools are used to change your inner tuning by creating the right resonance that aligns your body, mind and spirit. This is done by creating a vortex of sound that leads to a still point. From that moment of stillness, the body can re-tune itself using the fork sound vibration. It is the nervous system that initiates the re-tuning as it starts vibrating to the sound of the tuning forks.

Sounds like complicated science, I know, but fortunately it is easier than that and very, VERY powerful. You do not need to go to a special practitioner, nor do you need to have the trained ears of a musician for tuning musical instruments.

And now you can learn to listen to your own nervous system which is the mirror of your own internal resonance. From there, you will easily go to align your vibrations by using the tuning forks. For more information, please click on the banner below…


Give Vibrational Healing a try! The benefits are many!

Your mind and physical body will thank you…

Subliminal Imagery

Subliminal Imagery

We, human beings, are the only living organisms that have the power of choice. No other life form on the face of the planet is able to choose their appearance, their attitude, their life course and even their circumstances.

intelligence_smYet, although we are able to consciously and effectively define our paths and choose which ones to follow and which ones to avoid, we somehow let ourselves fall prey to negative attitudes, thoughts, feelings and even actions that end up leading us to the wrong path.

Thus, the sooner we realize we have this power within us to make a positive change, the faster we will be able to live the quality of life we desire. Easier said than done, right? This is because realizing this power is only the first step.

Next, we must find the right tools to help ourselves into the next level. Fortunately, there is a way to reprogram our minds to reach the success we seek… easily and effortlessly!

Skeptical? I don’t blame you! But once you understand how the mind works and how subliminal stimuli can transform your mind at the level needed to create change, you will be more willing to give it a try.

First, let’s explore the mind. You have probably heard of the iceberg analogy. Imagine your mind like a huge iceberg floating on the ocean. The part that you see above the water represents your conscious or thinking mind -just 10% of the whole iceberg- the one that is “out there” in the world interacting with the world without.

This is the mind where cognitive learning takes place, where your intellect uses logic to come up with solutions to your day to day problems. In this way, it is your functioning mind.

Now, the part of the iceberg you don’t see is under water -it is the other 90% and represents your subconscious mind.

This is the mind that keeps you alive as it regulates your breathing, your blinking, your heart bit, your nervous system, and other physiological functions that are essential to life.

iceberg_smThe subconscious mind is also in charge of your emotions and the place where your memories are stored. In this way, it represents a vast library where the information of your lifetime gets stored. And this is where it gets interesting… when you remember, for instance, a happy event of your childhood, the conscious mind asks the subconscious to access the storage of information to “retrieve that file.”

So far, so good. However, some files are inaccessible as a way to protect us from traumatic events that we may not be able to handle just yet. This is also the area where values are established and beliefs anchored helping us function in our day to day life.

Some of those beliefs might have served a purpose at some point, but they may be useless in your present life. In fact, they could be acting as blocks that impede the change you seek.

This is where subliminal messages can offer a powerful way to transform one’s life; they propose a safe alternative to change your perception and your attitude toward improving a particular area of your life by going directly to this area where beliefs and values are embedded and exerting change from within.

In short, subliminal messages can succeed where other methods have failed because they go to the root of the problem.

Now, let’s explore the different kinds of subliminal messaging and their applications.

Subliminal messages are usually presented in audio form. These are the most commonly available and they are quite effective by themselves. However, when combined with subliminal imagery the results can staggering, especially for deep rooted beliefs that need change.

Several scientific studies have proven that subliminal imagery coupled with subliminal audio will double the effectiveness and subconsciously help you make a complete turnaround within your thought processes.

sculptor3Having motivational images or text pop up in front of you while you work on your computer will help you make a positive turnaround without even knowing it. When that is tied in with audio affirmations played in the background, your chances of coming out a winner will improve significantly!

Subliminal technology in a world where technology rules every day’s processes may be the answer to permanently change the aspects of your behavior that can catapult you to the success you seek. You will be surprised at how quickly your thoughts of failure, inadequacy and unhappiness will be replaced with thoughts of success, self-confidence and ultimate joy. This is why subliminal messages are categorized as an easy and effortless method to improve your life.

Of course, we know we have the power to make positive changes in our lives; however, it is not easy to change by just knowing this fact. We may need a little jolt to initiate the changes we need to make. Subliminal imagery and subliminal audio combined by way of technology can definitely give you the jolt you need!

We should not be surprised after all. It’s been proven that imagery is powerful and that it works. It’s been tested in most everything, from medicine to sports and even in business with promising results. Here are 3 examples of this:

  • Business men use graphics not only to project long term earnings but to get a clear picture of the success that’s coming. This s how they anticipate the results they expect with certainty and even before they start working toward achieving it.
  • Basketball players use images in their mind where they shoot the ball through the hoop over and over again.  This is how they ‘see‘ themselves as champions.
  • Many cases of cancer remission have been documented in which patients have used imagery such as little sharks gobbling up cancer cells in a hurry. This is how the cancer goes into remission. (As a side note, if you have not read “Spontaneous Healing” by Dr. Andrew Weil, I highly recommend it.)

So, how about you take advantage of imagery to improve every area of your life?

Sculptor 3 is the only program available anywhere that combines 7 of the best result-amplifying technologies that are tested and proven to increase the power and speed of manifestation.

These are affirmation, visualization, alpha sound technology, subliminal technology, sentence completion, assignment & goal setting writing, and whole brain synchronization.

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Improve Your Memory with Subliminal Messages

Improve Your Memory 

with Subliminal Messages

Despite on-going debate around subliminal messages, there are a variety of well documented cases that serve as proof that subliminal messages do work. Just think about the following example and see if you can relate…

brain_smYou wake up on a Sunday morning, and start reading the newspaper while sipping on your hot coffee. While scanning the paper, you take a glance at a colorful ad for a spaghetti sauce located on the right column but don’t pay much attention to it. You later decide that it would be a good idea to have spaghetti marinara for dinner and head on to your local grocery store to buy the ingredients, only to find yourself reaching out for the very product that you saw on the paper this morning!

The product is not new and you’ve never tried it before. Most likely, it has been on the same shelf for quite some time. How come you didn’t notice this brand before?

That was NOT the first time you saw that ad either, only this morning your perception was finally influenced.

Has something similar happened to you? If your answer is “Yes” you have been under the spell of subliminal messages!

Our conscious mind comes across numerous subliminal messages on a daily basis. It would be an insurmountable task for the conscious mind to register and take some sort of action on all of them. This is why the subconscious mind acts as a filter allowing us to focus on what is important at each particular moment. But… if we look at or listen to the same subliminal messages on a regular basis, they eventually get stored in our subconscious mind.

These affect our behavior and ultimately compel us to act accordingly as a result.

Subliminal messages are not just used in advertising, however. They are excellent tools that can help us improve in many areas of life. The focus of this article is on using subliminal messages to improve memory.

In reality, the development of memory is a core area of subliminal messaging. For many years subliminal messages were used ONLY to improve on areas such as memory, self confidence, and motivation.

Actually, the many successes experienced as a result of these applications have given rise to the popularity of subliminal audio over the last 10 years. Today, it is possible to get subliminal audio albums on every imaginable area, all the way from weight loss to the Law Of Attraction and beyond.

Back to the topic of memory improvement, subliminal messages can be used to make a way into the deep subconscious mind to directly increase your ability to take in new information, process it, store it, and of course to be able to recall it accurately, as and when you need it.

rubic-cube1It works firstly by clearing out your mind to give you clarity and focus, and in the long term it completely rewires your mind so that it works in the same way as people who naturally have a strong memory function.

This targets the root cause of your memory problems to enhance them forever!

The uses and possibilities that we can apply to and achieve with subliminal messages are definitely immense. However, it’s important to mention that these audio CDs and MP3s are subconscious aids that will certainly help you achieve your goals if you pair them with repetition and real physical action.

In other words, just listening to these will not do the trick. These messages are only suggestive and will positively help you only if you are determined to help yourself. In closing, let’s refer to the example above… you may feel like having spaghetti marinara for dinner, BUT… if you don’t take action to go buy the ingredients, it won’t happen!

And then again, should you need motivation to get you going, there is a subliminal message to help you with that too!

To review the complete line of Real Subliminal MP3s and CDs, click on the banner below…

Photographic Memory Development Subliminal MP3 - Subliminal CD

Subliminal Messages

Subliminal Messages

to improve your life!

The term subliminal literally means below the threshold of conscious perception. This refers to the words, signals, sounds and images that are embedded in messages or other forms of communication, which are not obvious or apparent to the conscious mind. In fact, these messages are designed to bypass the conscious mind and go directly to the subconscious with the intention to exert some type of influence in the behavior, beliefs, habits and/or attitudes of a person.

girl_headphones2Most likely you have already heard of subliminal messages. They have been around since the 19th century, and from the time of their inception there’s been plenty of controversy around the subject.

The first documented papers date back to 1897, when the director of the Yale Psychology Lab, Dr. E.W. Scripture, Ph.D. published his book The New Psychology in which he talks about the basic principles of subtle persuasion through embedded words in messages.

One famous study backs to 1957. A market research company claimed to have shown suggestive phrases like Drink Coca Cola and Eat popcorn during a movie presentation. These messages were imperceptible to the conscious mind. They were shown for 1/3000th of a second several times throughout the film. According to this study, the sales for coke and popcorn increased considerably, which made them conclude that subliminal advertising was successful. Even though they were never able to prove that the test had indeed taken place, the study itself caused enough turmoil to stimulate more studies.

Throughout time, the results of these studies have been varied and inconclusive; however, in the early 1970’s, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) –an independent government agency that regulates communication media channels- banned the use of subliminal messages in advertisements based on the fact that it is unethical to bypass the consumer’s right in making correct decisions by manipulating his mind into purchasing a product.

Despite this, many still claim that these types of messages do not work… or, do they? Could this be because the vast majority of people do not understand how or why they work? Or is it because they seem to work just sometimes and just for a select few? More importantly, why would the FCC ban these “unethical to bypass the consumer’s right in making correct decisions…” ads if the statement itself is false?

subconscious storage of informationIn theory –and much like hypnosis, and NLP– subliminal messages do work because they bypass your conscious mind and “install” new specific data in your subconscious to help you achieve a predetermined change or goal; however, in real life many variables exist. Here are some factors to consider…

  • All learning involves repetition. Remember when your teacher sent you home to repeat your tables out loud so you could learn how to multiply? From tying your shoes to riding a bike, from behavior modification to self-confidence, from a new trade to exploring the world at large, this is how we learn everything, not just the academic subjects at school.

Usually, the learning process goes from conscious repetition to subconscious storage of information. Then, every time we need that information we simply recall it from the vast library within our memory. Moreover, attitudes and character derive from learned ideas and experiences too, and this is also how beliefs are formed and stored deep within us.

Learning subliminally is easier because subliminal messages work by skipping the conscious level repetitions altogether and delivering the information straight to the subconscious mind where the “new” memory will get engraved and stored. When we send the same message repeatedly to the subconscious mind, we can witness amazing changes as these transformations come naturally from within.

  • The second point to consider is individuality.

We are all different individuals with different needs, experiences, abilities and behavior patterns. You may be able to learn a new language from scratch in two months, while your neighbor seems to have extreme difficulty learning even a few words. It is very unlikely for two people to have the very same experience when trying to learn something new, and subliminal messages are not an exception.

Let’s say that both, you and I are procrastinators and want to change this behavior through listening to the same subliminal message program. Now, let’s add our individuality to the mix.

If we consider that our life experience and even our brain physiology is different from one another, it should not come as a surprise that we’ll end up with different results. I may need to listen more times, or during a different time of the day. Or you may find it extremely effective after just a couple of sessions right before you go to sleep.

  • Attitude is also a huge factor. People in general don’t have the same inclination for change.

There are people who live day by day complaining about their situation and do nothing about it. And then, for some others the situation becomes unbearable which ignites the motivation necessary for change. As Tony Robbins would say “…before change can happen, we must experience a lot of pain”, thus subliminal messages work best when the correct attitude and determination for change are present.

music_to_my_ears_smAfter reading the previous paragraphs, the controversial results related to subliminal messages now make sense, don’t you think? But, despite the ongoing debate about subliminal messages, one thing is for sure… when we are exposed to the same messages over and over again, they end up affecting us.

If you don’t believe me, just watch the news for awhile and see how you feel afterward…

It’s true. In today’s world, we are bombarded with subliminal messages day in and day out, and more recent studies have shown that people can indeed respond to unconsciously perceived stimuli.

There is a good side to this… when we listen to a subliminal message that has been carefully chosen by US, we can have total control of what we feed our minds with as well as what changes we want to see in our lives.

And as more studies are conducted throughout time, more light will be shed as to how they work and why they work.

If you want to experience subliminal messages for yourself… Try this subliminal message for free to help you reduce stress… feel the difference for yourself!


Subliminal Software

Subliminal Software Tool

to Turbo-Charge Your Mind!

This Subliminal Software Tool is one of the newest breakthroughs in personal development. It’s a high tech software that helps you select the subliminal programs you want to run, those that resonate well with you, so you can master your thoughts and manifest your goals and dreams with ease!

When we consider what is involved in becoming a master manifestor, this tool may in fact be the most wonderful helper one can ask for. Let’s explore a handful of issues this software can help you with…



Most of us have heard of beliefs and they way in which they affect everything we do on a moment by moment basis. Actually, beliefs are a significant part of our personal blueprint. Some of these beliefs are conscious and some others, subconscious. At the same time, some of our beliefs enhance our life experience while others create limitations that prevent us from achieving our potential.

Also, beliefs can be based on experiences we have had or can be a product of our imagination.

As an example, picture a young person who’s recently graduated but has never worked. She believes that she’s got all the knowledge to land a perfect job. She also believes she won’t land a perfect job because she has no work experience. The first belief is based on reality, while the second is a product of her mind. These contradictory beliefs will make it difficult for her to attract her ideal job.

While we can understand all of this consciously; we may not be aware of all of our beliefs as many of them are lodged in the subconscious mind. The Subliminal Software Tool helps you debunk limiting beliefs and create new beliefs that are aligned with your values, purpose and dreams.


To one degree or another, we all wonder if we are visualizing “the right way.” For some it is easy to visualize, while others struggle with it. Even if we have experience visualizing, we may struggle when we have several things going on which causes distraction making the visualization process less effective.

The fact is that visualization is an essential component of the manifestation process, one we must learn in order to enhance our results.

The Subliminal Software Tool used in combination with a vision board is even more powerful, as it helps you visualize and BELIEVE that your goals and dreams ARE being manifested NOW. In other words, this software makes it EASY to visualize because it brings all of your ideals into sight!


Are you aware of the constant chatter in your mind? Those little inside voices that sometimes get loud and nasty and never cease to express something… thinking on one thing, while planning your afternoon schedule, getting ideas for your Saturday conference, judging that last conversation you had with your boss, giving an opinion, assessing priorities, self-criticizing, feeling we could have done something better, believing and disbelieving, and on and on we go, all at the same time!

It is imperative to focus the mind if we are to manifest our desires. The Subliminal Software Tool acts like a personal genie who helps you focus and get organized with your thoughts and ideas in a way that makes sense and according to the affirmations that will be fed subconsciously to your mind.

Just like a mind map, the subliminal software tool will help you slow down the mind chatter, giving you the needed focus to attract what you want.

Moreover, the software includes 120 subliminal programs with over 1500 affirmations, BUT just in case you can’t find something to suit your needs, the software will help you create your own subliminal messages to modify stubborn negative chatter and help create positive self-talk that works JUST for you. Now you can see why this software is like having your own personal genie!


iseeIn life, things do change and fast. Today we may believe a certain action is best for us, and based on an abrupt change (or for no reason at all), we may change our mind tomorrow. This creates confusion and self-doubt… Are we doing the right thing? Should we proceed? And if so, how?

When we are unsure as to how to go on, our minds get into analysis mode, making us waste time with the risk of creating paralysis. And when we don’t move, nothing happens. Simply, we don’t do a thing because we lack clarity…

The Subliminal Software Tool helps you define personal statements that bring clarity to your life; statements that are aligned with your purpose and intention.

Lack of Time

Time management is a big issue nowadays. Most of us live rushed lives and keep on adding activities and duties to our already crowded schedules. We don’t have time to identify our priorities and keep procrastinating on important things like organizing our projects and dreams in a way that bring about manifestation and fulfillment.

The Subliminal Software Tool helps you determine your wish list and state your intentions in a simple manner, which then presents to you throughout the day so no matter how busy you are, these intentions are present and fresh in your mind as you go about your daily activities. This will result in the eventual realization of your desires.

And for maximum results, you just need to set the Subliminal Software Tool and let it run with the programs you want, all by itself! How’s that for a time saver?

Lack of Know How

Self Growth has many components and at times, it may be difficult to put it all together in a way that benefits you. The Subliminal Software Tool offers you a solution to this dilemma. It comes with tutorials to install it with just a few clicks and a manual that explains all of the basics of its easy to use, simple interface. You just have to identify what you want to work on first, and the rest will evolve from there.


To manifest what we desire, we must feel grateful for what we already have. Most of us agree that gratitude is an important part of living an abundant life.

Within the Subliminal Software Tool you can create a series of gratitude affirmations to keep your grateful thoughts organized and flashing in front of you giving you a “good feeling” as you go throughout your day. In this way, the software acts like a wonderful reminder of our blessings to keep a positive outlook in life.

And speaking of gratitude… I’m grateful to have discovered this software to help us in our personal growth.

In conclusion, the Subliminal Software Tool has the power to REPROGRAM your thoughts at the DEEPEST POSSIBLE LEVEL, you can unlock your hidden potential for AMAZING things to happen by working on the changes from the inside out in a systematic and easy way.

I invite you to visit the Subliminal Software Tool site where you can read the stories of people whose lives have been amazingly transformed by the use of this software — like Ruben Gonzalez, a Three-Time Olympian, Peak Performance Expert and Professional speaker. And while you’re there, take advantage of the amazing offer to get a copy to try it out for yourself!

You’ve got nothing to lose with the 100% money back guarantee. Give it a try…

You will love it!




Silva Method

The Silva Method

While trying to organize my garage recently, I bumped into a quite large cardboard box with no label that had been sealed since I moved back to California back in 2007. I wondered what had happen to the label and what the mysterious box contained; stuff that obviously I hadn’t needed for this long.

Curious as I can be, I walked to the kitchen cabinet and got some scissors to cut open the tape. I was feeling like a little girl that had just gotten a gift. The contents of the box included a few keepsakes from my children early childhood years, and there at the bottom I found a binder labeled “The Silva Ultra Mind ESP System“… I couldn’t believe I had forgotten I owned this personal development masterpiece tool!

girl_with_headphonesAs I picked it up I remembered I got it back in the 80’s when I was attending College. My intention had been to develop better communication and studying skills, to become an excellent student overall.

I had heard about The Silva Method and somehow I got a hold of a Nightingale-Conant Catalog. There was no Internet back then, so I ordered the course via snail mail.

My Silva Method binder contains nine cassette tapes — yep, there were no CD’s back then either… I feel kind of old now 🙂 — and a workbook with a few notes of mine that brought up memorable recollections of my student days… Ahhhh, the good old days when my only responsibility was getting good grades!

I’ll get back to my story in a bit, but now let’s fast forward to the present moment. I jumped online to do a search on Jose Silva’s method and was very happy to find out that The Silva Method is not only alive and well, but the program has been improved tremendously.

Laura Silva, daughter of the late Jose Silva — originator of the program — has followed her father’s footsteps and continues with his legacy by providing cutting edge science and ancient wisdom combined through the new and improved Silva System for Mind Control that delivers results and changes lives.

It was also exciting to have found several endorsements of renowned individuals, such as Wayne Dyer, Shakti Gawain and Mark Victor Hansen. There is no question about it. The Silva Method has remained one of the most advanced human empowerment programs of all times.

I also learned that the program is backed up by 50 years of research and development with one million graduated individuals worldwide. Wow! That alone caught my attention!

Free Samples of Silva UltraMind ESP System at
Jose Silva was obviously ahead of his time. He was the first one to start Alpha Level training,  visualization and meditation instruction, as well as using one’s intuition as guidance and for healing. He also taught about goal setting years before the term became common, all by using the mind effectively.

What is unique about the work done with The Silva Method is that you learn to approach life’s challenges while in Alpha state. It is in this state that the most dramatic changes occur. Ninety-nine percent of us function on  Beta state most of the time which is not too effective, as you will learn when you study The Silva Method.

These are just some of the benefits you can get when you use The Silva Method…

  • Live in a state of euphoric happiness
  • Learn to tap into your creativity at will
  • Awaken your healing powers to regain and maintain health
  • Build fulfilling relationships
  • Learn to use your intuition to make winning decisions
  • Use it as a permanent solution to stress reduction
  • Develop an iron-clad resolve to battle bad habits and learn how to conquer them in a matter of days
  • Learn to access the resources to fulfill all of your material needs
  • And much more!

Going back to my personal story, and just in case you are wondering what happened to my student goals after I used The Silva Method, I’ll just share that I graduated as one of the top three of my class and was awarded an Honors Diploma (I was one of two graduates that got this special award that year.) I’m not saying this to brag, but to share with you the possibilities.

So if mind control seems INFINITELY foreign or hard to you, I highly recommend you give The Silva Method a try. I’m living proof that it works!

With The Silva Method you will learn how to tap into your mind to accelerate your mental activity,  awaken your cd_smintuition, your learning, your memory and your ESP, all while enjoying tranquility, rest, and relaxation. The system will equip you with the tools you need to improve your productivity, increase your creativity, supercharge your problem-solving abilities so you can achieve your goals.

Get a free overview of the complete Silva Method program to discover how this program can enhance your life. Just click on the CD image on the right for more information and to access your free samples at the top of that page

As for me, I’m thrilled to have found my long forgotten cassette tapes. I’ve started listening to them again –fortunately for me, I still own a cassette tape player! 🙂

Prepare Yourself for Success!

Would you like to explore the possibilities of The Silva Method and what it can do for you? There are several ways to do that!

Take a look at this comprehensive home study Silva Courses list, where you will find books, audios, and special applications for mind power, health and wellness, and ESP.

I have also created the Tools For Abundance Silva Method Amazon Store which displays an array of products developed from Dr. Silva’s teaching throughout the years! Click on the banner below to visit the store and browse this library of knowledge…


“The greatest discovery of the 19th century was not in the realm of the physical sciences, but the power of the subconscious mind touched by faith. Any individual can tap into an eternal reservoir of power that will enable them to overcome any problem that may arise. All weaknesses can be overcome, bodily healing, financial independence, spiritual awakening, prosperity beyond your wildest dreams. This is the superstructure of happiness” 

~ William James

Harvard Psychologist, Father of American Psychology



Abundant Health

Living in Abundant Health

Growing Older vs. Getting Older

Been here before? Skip the intro and go directly to the abundant health articles here.

Do you want to grow old? Yes, I know, that is kind of an odd question… now, before you rush to scream out loud…NOOO! Think about that for a moment… Do you want to grow old?

I’ll tell you my answer. I certainly do. We all want to grow old indeed, because –as my dad says- the alternative (dying young) is not any better. Wouldn’t you agree? If you thought about that question for a moment, most likely your mind immediately created an association between getting old and aging; but the fact is that these terms do not have to be synonyms. So, how about growing old in abundant health? Is it even possible? Let’s review a few points…

Most people relate aging to aches, pains and diseases, and yes, most of us will get these as we get older. BUT, as you’ll soon discover, getting old and aging do not have to go hand in hand. When you see it from that angle, we all want to grow old but we do not want to age.

So let’s change that question from “Do you want to grow old? to “How do you want to grow old?” instead. Better yet, now my question above makes more sense… how about experiencing abundant health while growing old? Cool, you say? Great! You see, even though we have no control over the pass of time, there is so much we can do to remain healthy… longer. Taking care of mind, body and spirit will help us reach the golden years in a more positive outlook so we can enjoy our days on this plane of existence until the very end.

Abundant Health

And, how is this relevant to the Tools for Abundance site?

As you may already know, my background is in the health industry and most of my life has been dedicated to health promotion. I’m into Yoga and more recently I have been studying Reiki.  I am also a firm believer in the power of the human body to heal itself if given the proper means to do so.

Moreover, it’s been said that most diseases are psychosomatic in nature. This is called ‘somatization‘ and it refers to the direct effect that the mind has on the way in which we experience disease and heal. Scientifically speaking, there is still a lot to be learned about the mind-body connection; however, most of us know intuitively that there is much truth to the mind-body assertion.

Actually, I have experienced this myself and I have been a witness to it as well. Throughout my years of counseling and coaching clients, I have observed physical ailments vanishing spontaneously as the client gets to resolve a situation or discovers purpose in their life. Science has proven that spontaneous remissions occur even though the exact mechanisms are not yet very clear. My belief is that in many cases the physical symptoms are related to stress, energy blocks, and erroneous beliefs more than to physical and physiological abnormalities.**

I have also learned that there is so much more to health and remaining healthy to that which meets the eye. If this was not true, we’d be like robots and a standard medication would solve the same health problem in all of us across the board… but we all know that is not the case.**

Moreover, it is clear to me that abundance cannot exist without health… Actually, he or she who is healthy already is abundant in so many ways.

I recently finished reading “Quantum Healing – Exploring the Frontiers of Mind-Body Medicine” by Deepak Chopra, M.D. and was stunned at the amount of information that Dr. Chopra shares in his book. There is so much to digest in those pages that I became a student, so much so that my book is now covered with yellow marker and penciled notes on the margins!

Abundant Health

As I finished reading, two concepts became clear to me… on one side, there is so much that we don’t yet know about the miraculous human body and its functions, and on the other it is quite obvious that energy plays a major role not only in our mental but in our physical well-being as well.

In other words, if everything is energy, thoughts are energy and so are we. And if we are the result of our predominant thoughts, isn’t it possible to create thoughts that support our living in abundant health until our last day on this Earth? Why couldn’t we slow down –or even stop- the aging process altogether?

After all, we’ve all heard of miraculous cures and spontaneous remissions… Imagine what could be accomplished if we were free of physical setbacks…indefinitely!**

According to recent studies it is very possible to get older without aging… Do you want to join me in exploring this further? I can almost see you nodding 🙂 This is why I’m including this Abundant Health section in this site. The links below are for you to explore and learn the techniques and tools that have the potential to improve and maintain your health for years to come. If you haven’t yet signed up, please subscribe to the Abundance4Me ezine to get notified of content updates as well as personal development news.

** Before you continue exploring this section, please refer to the Medical Disclaimer link found on the footer of this page.

May You Live Long and Prosper!


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