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May / June 2017

Free Online Event
Enneagram Global Summit
June 5-9, 2017

RSVP by clicking on the banner above to attend The Enneagram Global Summit presented by The Shift Network at no charge! I hope you’ll join us for this special online one-of-a-kind gathering.

During this unparalleled 5-day event, you’ll discover:

  • How to use the Enneagram as a roadmap toward self-understanding
  • Practices for viewing yourself and your life through the lens of the nine types
  • Inspiration, insight and grounding to help you be with the most disturbing, toxic & shameful aspects of your life (we all have a dark side.)
  • Practices for going beyond the instincts of your Enneagram type & responding to life in more productive ways
  • Neural pathways… how to create more of the ones you want & fewer of those that don’t serve you
  • How to transform your relationship with the inner critic
  • Ways the Enneagram can help you find relationships that bring out your highest good
  • Differences between the internal & external expressions of the 9 Enneagram types
  • Your most positive innate qualities & how they guide you toward the life of your dreams
  • Dos and Don’ts for using the Enneagram in organizations
  • Techniques therapists use to help their clients recognize and stop self-sabotaging patterns
  • And much More!

If you’re new to this powerful system, the 2017 Enneagram Global Summit will guide you to the best tests and practices for determining your individual type — including ways to differentiate between “look-alike” types.

You’ll start working with the core patterns of your type and begin to connect with the parts of yourself that allow you to respond to life spontaneously and creatively.

If you’re already well-versed in the Enneagram, you’ll take your work with the Enneagram deeper — empowering you to make YOUR contributions to the world!

You’ll fine-tune your understanding of how to use the less balanced aspects of each type as catalysts for personal and spiritual growth — and how to use the higher aspects of each type to raise your level of consciousness.

If you want a greater connection with your unique gifts, as well as with more self-acceptance, self-love and compassion for others, you MUST attend this  event and learn from the amazing panel of presenters. It can truly be a life-changing event.

RSVP by clicking on the image above, to attend The Enneagram Global Summit completely FREE of charge! 

Yours truly,


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