Some books are not just meant to be read… 
They are meant to inspire, guide, and motivate you to adopt a new philosophy in life.

These are the kind of ebooks that you will find at the Tools for Abundance site. They are in PDF format. To be able to download, save, and enjoy them, you will need the latest version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer.

If you do not have Adobe Reader installed, you can download a free copy by following the simple instructions below. A new window will open so you can download it without leaving this page. And if you already have an old version of Adobe, the following steps can help you upgrade it too.

Get Adobe Reader for Free – Instructions

1. Click on the Adobe Reader image below. It will open in a new window so you won’t lose this webpage.

2. Choose your operating system, uncheck the optional offer unless you want it, and click on “Install Now.” The reader will install following the 3 simple steps as described at the site. You might have to disable the anti-virus for a few moments to install this program.

3. After download and install is complete, close the Adobe window and you’ll come back here. Click on this link to go back to the Free eBooks page.

4. Choose the ebook you want to download. Right click on the image of the ebook cover you want to get.

5. The PDF ebook file will open in your browser window immediately. On occasion, you might be required to sign up to receive a download link.

6. Once the ebook is open you can either save it or read it directly on your browser. To save it just click on the second icon located at the top of the document. Select where you want to save the file on your hard drive.

7. Once the file is saved, locate it in your hard drive, and double click to open it.

8. You can also print it for easier reading. Just open the downloaded file, and select the “Print” option from the ebook menu. It is the first icon at the top of the document.*

We add new resources and free ebooks on a regular basis. Bookmark this site and visit us often so you can keep on learning and prospering in life with the new self help content.

To your Happiness, Health and Prosperity!

* If you can avoid it, don’t print. If you must print, please recycle.

Let us be eco-friendly to the planet.

Thank you!