The Power of Thoughts

Thoughts become Things

We’ve all heard it. We become what we think about most of the time.  Dr. Norman Vincent Peale (1898-1993), considered by many The Father of Positive Thinking, said that this is a power we must develop as it is essential for happiness and success.

Yet, even knowing this, very few of us really pay attention to our thoughts on a regular basis. More often than not, we let our minds run wild without giving much consideration to the outcome we are creating with our thoughts…

What kind of thoughts do you have?

thoughtsThe easiest way to become aware of your predominant thoughts is to look at the life you are leading. If you feel mostly happy, it means you think happy thoughts often. But if you live in despair, you must be entertaining troubled thoughts frequently.

In other words, our life becomes what we think it is… a misery or a bliss… Realize that either way we are correct. It is up to us to choose one or another. Once we grasp this concept, we become consciously aware of the power of our thoughts.

Truth is, thoughts can either be our best friends or our worst enemies…

Is it then possible to master our thoughts? Can we learn to think correctly?

The answer is yes, we can.

Countless of excellent books and systems provide words of wisdom and clever advice that teach how to master our thoughts. Most self growth information can be insightful and enlightening as it awakens the inner power we inherently possess, and gives us the potential to master our thoughts and achieve unlimited heights in life.

However, from time to time, some of us need that extra push or a different angle so we can make this acquired knowledge work for us effectively. This is where certain tools come into play to help us get better –and faster- results.

Some time ago, I found and used some of the “Think Right Now” programs and believe they fill in this gap seamlessly.

These programs won’t tell you what to do because you most likely already know what you need to do. They will not offer motivation as you most likely have become motivated or you wouldn’t be reading this site. And they won’t provide you with a “one size fits all” type of solution either.

The “Think Right Now” programs (TRN) do offer accelerated success conditioning as well as thought and behavior modification –exactly the extra push some of us need to master our thoughts and take what we already know to the next level.

The TRN programs literally alter thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, habits and behaviors that you have acquired throughout a lifetime which may be hindering your progress or success and they do that without the need of subliminal messages.


Yes, subliminal messages have a place in self-development; however, some people are hesitant or feel uncomfortable with the idea to reprogram their minds without “knowing” what’s been said to them or without consciously “hearing” the suggestions given in a subliminal message. This is where Think Right Now programs offer a different approach.

To better explain how the “TRN” programs work, I like to use the “brain-computer” analogy… What if you could “delete” your negative thoughts and limited beliefs with ease?

And, most importantly… what if you could “install” a software to properly program your brain with positive attitudes, success based thoughts and unlimited consciousness potential, and do this effortlessly?

It would be wonderful, wouldn’t it?

The “Think Right Now” programs actually force you to do just that, without the need to be motivated, have the drive or the will. These programs compel you to be successful by altering your thoughts which will in turn impact your emotions positively.

From there on, you are bound to act in a way that will lead you to success because all elements –your thoughts, your emotions and your actions- will be aligned and you will start living a 100% congruent life.

Mike Brescia, created these accelerated success programs based on his own experience.

Not too long ago, he was homeless and jobless but he never stopped looking for an answer… after much studying he decided to fuse two psychological change concepts and the rest is history. To date, Mike has helped thousands of individuals worldwide overcome blocks, procrastination and failure while changing their thoughts to achieve their dreams and goals.

The reason his programs work is because they are not dependent on self-belief, determination, willpower and persistence…. the audios and software create the needed elements to achieve the changes sought.

The “TRN” accelerated success conditioning audio programs and software work because of three distinct characteristics.

  • Suggestopedic Information Delivery System– You will not only hear the material but instead B – E – C – O – M – E the material effortlessly!
  • Releasing Unsupported Patterns– With 11 releasing patterns, the statements are designed to get you to stop thinking the old way. You will consciously believe in these messages and will unconsciously act the way you want to.
  • Installing New Patterns– Fills in the void with positive new patterns.

Here is a sample of the various outcomes you can attain with the “Think Right Now” programs…

  • Quit bad habits
  • Get rid of guilt, anxiety, fear, depression and anger
  • Increase self confidence
  • Feel happy and fulfilled
  • Love to exercise and lose weight with ease
  • And many more, all by thinking right now!

So here is what I suggest… if you are new to Personal Development, I believe you’d benefit greatly by reading some of the classics like “Think and Grow Rich” and “Acres of Diamonds” which you can download for free here.

But if you have been a self-development student for a while and want to take your Self Growth to the next level while mastering your thoughts I highly recommend the Think Right Now audio programs and software.

Either way, I believe personal development is a lifelong process, and a path worth exploring by every human being at any given time. And what better time than right now that technology has become our greatest ally to help us achieve our best with a variety of programs, software and products that not too long ago just existed in the sci-fi world!

You can become supremely confident, optimistic, motivated, enthusiastic, determined and happy with the “Think Right Now” programs. They can help you acquire the will and drive to do what you know you should do and to achieve what you want to achieve.