Subliminal Software Tool

to Turbo-Charge Your Mind!

This Subliminal Software Tool is one of the newest breakthroughs in personal development. It’s a high tech software that helps you select the subliminal programs you want to run, those that resonate well with you, so you can master your thoughts and manifest your goals and dreams with ease!

When we consider what is involved in becoming a master manifestor, this tool may in fact be the most wonderful helper one can ask for. Let’s explore a handful of issues this software can help you with…



Most of us have heard of beliefs and they way in which they affect everything we do on a moment by moment basis. Actually, beliefs are a significant part of our personal blueprint. Some of these beliefs are conscious and some others, subconscious. At the same time, some of our beliefs enhance our life experience while others create limitations that prevent us from achieving our potential.

Also, beliefs can be based on experiences we have had or can be a product of our imagination.

As an example, picture a young person who’s recently graduated but has never worked. She believes that she’s got all the knowledge to land a perfect job. She also believes she won’t land a perfect job because she has no work experience. The first belief is based on reality, while the second is a product of her mind. These contradictory beliefs will make it difficult for her to attract her ideal job.

While we can understand all of this consciously; we may not be aware of all of our beliefs as many of them are lodged in the subconscious mind. The Subliminal Software Tool helps you debunk limiting beliefs and create new beliefs that are aligned with your values, purpose and dreams.


To one degree or another, we all wonder if we are visualizing “the right way.” For some it is easy to visualize, while others struggle with it. Even if we have experience visualizing, we may struggle when we have several things going on which causes distraction making the visualization process less effective.

The fact is that visualization is an essential component of the manifestation process, one we must learn in order to enhance our results.

The Subliminal Software Tool used in combination with a vision board is even more powerful, as it helps you visualize and BELIEVE that your goals and dreams ARE being manifested NOW. In other words, this software makes it EASY to visualize because it brings all of your ideals into sight!


Are you aware of the constant chatter in your mind? Those little inside voices that sometimes get loud and nasty and never cease to express something… thinking on one thing, while planning your afternoon schedule, getting ideas for your Saturday conference, judging that last conversation you had with your boss, giving an opinion, assessing priorities, self-criticizing, feeling we could have done something better, believing and disbelieving, and on and on we go, all at the same time!

It is imperative to focus the mind if we are to manifest our desires. The Subliminal Software Tool acts like a personal genie who helps you focus and get organized with your thoughts and ideas in a way that makes sense and according to the affirmations that will be fed subconsciously to your mind.

Just like a mind map, the subliminal software tool will help you slow down the mind chatter, giving you the needed focus to attract what you want.

Moreover, the software includes 120 subliminal programs with over 1500 affirmations, BUT just in case you can’t find something to suit your needs, the software will help you create your own subliminal messages to modify stubborn negative chatter and help create positive self-talk that works JUST for you. Now you can see why this software is like having your own personal genie!


iseeIn life, things do change and fast. Today we may believe a certain action is best for us, and based on an abrupt change (or for no reason at all), we may change our mind tomorrow. This creates confusion and self-doubt… Are we doing the right thing? Should we proceed? And if so, how?

When we are unsure as to how to go on, our minds get into analysis mode, making us waste time with the risk of creating paralysis. And when we don’t move, nothing happens. Simply, we don’t do a thing because we lack clarity…

The Subliminal Software Tool helps you define personal statements that bring clarity to your life; statements that are aligned with your purpose and intention.

Lack of Time

Time management is a big issue nowadays. Most of us live rushed lives and keep on adding activities and duties to our already crowded schedules. We don’t have time to identify our priorities and keep procrastinating on important things like organizing our projects and dreams in a way that bring about manifestation and fulfillment.

The Subliminal Software Tool helps you determine your wish list and state your intentions in a simple manner, which then presents to you throughout the day so no matter how busy you are, these intentions are present and fresh in your mind as you go about your daily activities. This will result in the eventual realization of your desires.

And for maximum results, you just need to set the Subliminal Software Tool and let it run with the programs you want, all by itself! How’s that for a time saver?

Lack of Know How

Self Growth has many components and at times, it may be difficult to put it all together in a way that benefits you. The Subliminal Software Tool offers you a solution to this dilemma. It comes with tutorials to install it with just a few clicks and a manual that explains all of the basics of its easy to use, simple interface. You just have to identify what you want to work on first, and the rest will evolve from there.


To manifest what we desire, we must feel grateful for what we already have. Most of us agree that gratitude is an important part of living an abundant life.

Within the Subliminal Software Tool you can create a series of gratitude affirmations to keep your grateful thoughts organized and flashing in front of you giving you a “good feeling” as you go throughout your day. In this way, the software acts like a wonderful reminder of our blessings to keep a positive outlook in life.

And speaking of gratitude… I’m grateful to have discovered this software to help us in our personal growth.

In conclusion, the Subliminal Software Tool has the power to REPROGRAM your thoughts at the DEEPEST POSSIBLE LEVEL, you can unlock your hidden potential for AMAZING things to happen by working on the changes from the inside out in a systematic and easy way.

I invite you to visit the Subliminal Software Tool site where you can read the stories of people whose lives have been amazingly transformed by the use of this software — like Ruben Gonzalez, a Three-Time Olympian, Peak Performance Expert and Professional speaker. And while you’re there, take advantage of the amazing offer to get a copy to try it out for yourself!

You’ve got nothing to lose with the 100% money back guarantee. Give it a try…

You will love it!