Improve Your Memory 

with Subliminal Messages

Despite on-going debate around subliminal messages, there are a variety of well documented cases that serve as proof that subliminal messages do work. Just think about the following example and see if you can relate…

brain_smYou wake up on a Sunday morning, and start reading the newspaper while sipping on your hot coffee. While scanning the paper, you take a glance at a colorful ad for a spaghetti sauce located on the right column but don’t pay much attention to it. You later decide that it would be a good idea to have spaghetti marinara for dinner and head on to your local grocery store to buy the ingredients, only to find yourself reaching out for the very product that you saw on the paper this morning!

The product is not new and you’ve never tried it before. Most likely, it has been on the same shelf for quite some time. How come you didn’t notice this brand before?

That was NOT the first time you saw that ad either, only this morning your perception was finally influenced.

Has something similar happened to you? If your answer is “Yes” you have been under the spell of subliminal messages!

Our conscious mind comes across numerous subliminal messages on a daily basis. It would be an insurmountable task for the conscious mind to register and take some sort of action on all of them. This is why the subconscious mind acts as a filter allowing us to focus on what is important at each particular moment. But… if we look at or listen to the same subliminal messages on a regular basis, they eventually get stored in our subconscious mind.

These affect our behavior and ultimately compel us to act accordingly as a result.

Subliminal messages are not just used in advertising, however. They are excellent tools that can help us improve in many areas of life. The focus of this article is on using subliminal messages to improve memory.

In reality, the development of memory is a core area of subliminal messaging. For many years subliminal messages were used ONLY to improve on areas such as memory, self confidence, and motivation.

Actually, the many successes experienced as a result of these applications have given rise to the popularity of subliminal audio over the last 10 years. Today, it is possible to get subliminal audio albums on every imaginable area, all the way from weight loss to the Law Of Attraction and beyond.

Back to the topic of memory improvement, subliminal messages can be used to make a way into the deep subconscious mind to directly increase your ability to take in new information, process it, store it, and of course to be able to recall it accurately, as and when you need it.

rubic-cube1It works firstly by clearing out your mind to give you clarity and focus, and in the long term it completely rewires your mind so that it works in the same way as people who naturally have a strong memory function.

This targets the root cause of your memory problems to enhance them forever!

The uses and possibilities that we can apply to and achieve with subliminal messages are definitely immense. However, it’s important to mention that these audio CDs and MP3s are subconscious aids that will certainly help you achieve your goals if you pair them with repetition and real physical action.

In other words, just listening to these will not do the trick. These messages are only suggestive and will positively help you only if you are determined to help yourself. In closing, let’s refer to the example above… you may feel like having spaghetti marinara for dinner, BUT… if you don’t take action to go buy the ingredients, it won’t happen!

And then again, should you need motivation to get you going, there is a subliminal message to help you with that too!

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