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Tools are for carpenters, mechanics and plumbers… Right?

Most of us correlate tools to trade professions. I mean, we don’t think of a spoon as a tool, but it actually is  a tool. Since the beginning of time, human beings have used a multitude of tools to carve, chisel, build, repair, create, and to make life easier, in general.

Every new challenge or specific need has led to the creation of a new device with the purpose to meet that challenge or need. For instance, during the Stone Age, simple stone and wood instruments were made primarily for cutting, such as the spears with stone tips used for hunting. Later on, bronze and iron were used for similar purposes during the Bronze Age and the Iron Age respectively.

And we’ve come a long way since, haven’t we?

As technology evolves, new tools are being created constantly to meet our ever changing needs which can be quite sophisticated at times.

To fix a car you need power tools; to start your own vegetable garden you have to get some gardening tools; and to make a delicious pot roast you need cooking utensils and other kitchen gadgets.

It is no different with Personal Development.

We need tools to help us along the way so we can achieve our goals easier and faster. With this purpose in mind, we have gathered a variety of the best ones in today’s market for you to explore and use according to your purpose and needs.

Consider this site your own “Tool Box” were you’ll find a collection of programs, devices, software and ideas to help you develop a success mindset to manifest abundance, to awaken your creativity, to improve your memory, to increase your brain power, to strengthen your visualizations and to get better at affirmations, to name a few.

I invite you to explore all the links below and give these tools a try!