Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is considered one of the most effective behavior modification techniques. It uses guiding principles, attitudes and methodologies that allow you to eliminate, acquire or modify certain behaviors in order to improve a specific area of your life.

These changes in behavior give you the ability to choose your intellectual, physical and emotional states of well-being at any given time. In turn, your life experience goes through positive changes to obtain the results that you have selected and predetermined.

The NLP technique was created in the 70’s by Richard Bandler, Gestalt Therapist, and John Grinder, Professor of Linguistics.

Their studies were based in the models of three successful psychotherapists, Fritz Perls (Gestalt Therapy), Virginia Satir (Family Therapy), and eventually Milton H. Erickson (Clinical Hypnotherapy.) Their research included the subjective study of language and a variety of communication patterns among successful and unsuccessful individuals. Bandler and Grinder noticed that certain people experienced life in a more positive fashion once they adopted certain successful patterns of behavior. These patterns were characterized by elements, such as tone, beliefs, values, behaviors and other specific language patterns.

In the 80’s, Neuro Linguistic Programming was considered as one of several highly respected tools in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. Throughout the years, the technique has evolved and has had many ramifications according to the field in which it is taught and used. However, the premise remains the same… NLP gives you the ability to create a better life experience overall.

As you know, we become what we think about most of the time. You may also know that our usual thoughts spring from beliefs and habits we’ve acquired overtime. Unfortunately, some of these thoughts are based on mistaken beliefs which can prevent us from achieving success in a specific area of life.

This is where NLP can help by interrupting this form of thinking and then, by modifying the thought pattern in a way that is more supportive toward our achieving success. The new thought pattern will influence the decisions we make on a moment to moment basis, until the actions taken become second nature to us.

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This is how Neuro Linguistic Programing gives you the opportunity to become the architect of your own destiny as you reprogram your mind to experience your life on your own terms.

When you learn and practice NLP your life can change because:

  • Your experiences are more predictable and consistent with your new habits.
  • You are in a position to generate empowering states of being at any given time.
  • You are able to identify limiting beliefs and know how to change them.
  • You eliminate negative emotions at will.
  • You create your own patterns of excellence to follow.
  • You feel more inspired and upbeat.
  • You improve your interpersonal skills at work, with family, and with friends.
  • You gain insight and learn new paradigms.
  • You are more liked and attractive which opens up new opportunities for you.
  • You secure new and powerful communication skills.

What exactly does NLP mean?

N stands for Neuro. With its base in the central nervous system, it commands our five senses which help us experience our environment in a certain way.  For instance, we perceive the scent of a rose through our olfactory sense. The neural response is immediate because the scent has been imprinted in our memory and can be brought to awareness every time we smell a rose.

L is for Linguistic. It refers to language and all kinds of verbal and non-verbal communication which gives meaning to the neural representations we get from our senses.

Using the example above, we were taught at an early age that the rose has a pleasant scent; therefore, we communicate this to our brain as we perceive the aroma of the rose. This is a case where we use non-verbal communication taken from our learned experience and memory.

P is for Programming. This is the ability to alter, modify or adopt certain communication patterns with the intention to obtain a desired outcome. Following the same example, we could alter the perception of a rose’s scent by reprogramming our mind to dislike it.

NLP works because it is results oriented

You must have an objective BEFORE you try this technique. The goal is to target a particular situation and solve it effectively. For instance, phobias have been treated successfully with NLP. The process is usually short and fast. The individual had a definite goal BEFORE starting NLP; i.e. I want to eliminate my fear of spiders.

The amazing thing is that NLP can be used to overcome all sorts of limitations to improve any area of life by using specific commands to reprogram certain patterns of behavior in order to attain a desired and predetermined result. Once mastered, you will make new decisions based on your newly learned behavior which will bring upon the results you seek.

The NLP technique is powerful because it gives you the ability to create your life experiences at will.

“NLP may be the most powerful vehicle for change in existence.”

 ~ Modern Psychology Magazine

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