The Power of Concentration

Do you ever find yourself wondering why some succeed at a certain task while others don’t? Training aside, would you believe me if I told you that much of success has to do with your ability to focus your mind and concentrate on one task at a time?

From mundane daily tasts and all the way to manifesting larger things in life, this happens at every level. Let’s explore this in more detail…

In today’s high paced world, one of the biggest challenges for most of us is to keep our mind quiet and focused even if for a few moments sometimes! Think about it…

From TV commercials, highway billboards, cell phones ringing, traffic, newspapers, radio, documents and files at work – and yes, the Internet, social media and the like, we’re being bombarded most every minute of the day with all kinds of information. Hey, we are living in the Information Age after all!  🙂

Now let’s see what goes on inside our brains… like an overworked librarian classifying information and organizing books at ultra speed, our brains are constantly struggling to decide what to let “in”, what to keep, what to file, what to ignore, and what to discard completely. On top of that, there are the subjective thoughts that go on in our minds on automatic… you know, the kinds of thoughts such as the argument with your partner this morning, taking the car for an oil change, paying the bills, the PTA meeting tomorrow morning, picking the suit up from the cleaners, deadlines at work, etc. etc. And then again, while all of this is happening, we are supposed to perform at work and at home… Wow! No wonder we feel exhausted at the end of the day!

Something similar happens when we are trying to manifest a larger goal.  You see, we’ve heard plenty of times about the power of thought, and how we can give life to our thoughts and create physical things. After all, every single thing was first conceived as a thought. These are the very principles of the law of attraction… we get what we think about most of the time… right? But with scattered thoughts it is close to impossible to manifest anything.

“Concentration, in its truest, unadulterated form,
means the ability to focus the mind on one single solitary thing.” 

~ Komar

Due to all of this, we must consider this vital element that too many people overlook when trying to get a daily task done or manifesting something larger. It is called concentration or focused attention, and when you think about it, this element cannot be ignored if what you want is to take a thought from your mind into physical form, be it delivering a report on time or the 2 week Greek island cruise you’ve been dreaming of for a while.

When you learn to firmly concentrate all of your attention on one particular thought or thing at a time, all of your thoughts and actions are on target with your one specific goal. Now, this does not mean that you just concentrate in one thing day in and day out until it’s completed and ignore all others. What it means is to focus ALL of your attention when you are at something, even if it takes just a few minutes. For instance, you focus your attention 100% to write your report when you sit down to write it. Yiu leave every other thing out of your mind while you write it, however long it takes. Then, you can dedicate 15 minutes of complete focus to visualizing your Greek cruise later in the day.

Realize that the secret is to use the power of concentration while you are doing a task, instead of letting your mind wander into other things while you’re at it. Got it?

Once you discover that the ability to focus your attention on one thing at a time is one of the best things you can do to prevent fatigue, overwhelm, and unnecesary stress, you’ll understand how trying to tackle several things at once has hindered your performance as well as your manifesting efforts. You’ll also clearly see why you’ve been getting the kind of results that you’ve got.

At this point it is safe to say that you must make the learning of focus and concentration a priority. Is that right?

The good news is that concentration is not something you’re born with but a skill that can be learned. Learning to control your mind and get focused could mean the difference between living aimlessly and living on purpose.

Do I have your attention now?

As you waste less time you experience faster results… And if that wasn’t enough, you also become more efficient because your mind is not being bugged with useless thoughts (what shirt whould I wear tomorrow? – kind of thoughts.) As a result, your fresher and less cluttered mind starts going on override, which will get you new ideas that you couldn’t have thought of when your thoughts were all scattered and your mind cluttered.

How’s that for increasing your performance, manifesting, and achievement?

One of my favorite New Thought Movement authors, Theron Q. Dumont (William Walker Atkinson), author of “Personal Magnetism“, “Practical Memory Training” and yes, The Power of Concentration among several others, wrote…

“It is of the utmost value to learn how to concentrate.”

To succeed at anything you must be able to concentrate your entire thought upon the idea you are working on. You must be able to set all other tasks and obligations aside – for the time being. Know that the person that is able to concentrate utilizes all constructive thoughts and shuts out all destructive ones.

The greatest man would accomplish nothing if he lacked concentration. There is actually nothing that you cannot achieve when you dominate the power of concentration!

Now here is the fun part… I want to invite you today to learn this powerful skill from the master himself, Theron Q. Dumont, for just the price of a latte. After reading and practicing the principles in this ebook, you will soon find yourself being more focused, and more on target to achieve any goal you set your mind into.

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