The Art of Influencing


To fully understand the art of influencing others,
I like to refer to this quote…

“No man is an island”

This saying basically means that we perform better and achieve the best results when we collaborate with each other or work as a team.

Napoleon Hill referred to this as “Master Mind“, a group of people that get together to discuss and share ideas with the purpose of a better outcome for all concerned.

This concept applies to all aspects of life, including our family life, our social life, and our business matters; thus, collaboration is a very important aspect for peaceful human coexistence.

We are, after all, social beings. However, you have probably found by now that it is not always easy to get others to follow you or even acknowledge the benefit of taking a particular route together in order to achieve success.

Many people have different ideas or misguided views about what works at producing great results. This probably has to do with individual opinions and life experiences; but more often than not, it has to do with lack of know-how and vision.

Therefore, if your goal is to be successful at teamwork and achieve goals through a group effort, refining your persuasive abilities should be a priority in your “must-learn” list. Learning the art of influence persuasion is key when it comes to enticing people to follow your command in a particular thing in life.

Your ability to achieve personal and professional fulfillment is not necessarily the same ability that others in your personal and business circles have; hence you must learn the fine art of influencing towards approaching life and business from a certain angle with a precise objective in mind.

But… before we continue, let’s clarify one important point. The art of influencing otherss has nothing to do with manipulative obscure techniques to have others surrender their will and have them act as your puppets or servants for your sole benefit. Influencing others is about team work towards the achievement of a mutually beneficial goal.

Aggressive Persuation vs. Assertive Persuasion

It is definitely possible to influence people to see things from a certain angle if some amount of force is applied. This is called aggressive persuasion. It uses manipulation and pressure in a way that when people are implicitly warned, threatened, or faced with a consequence or form of punishment for doing other that what you say, they will adhere to your requests out of fear of losing something, either tangible (a job) or intangible (love.)

Therefore, aggressive persuasion creates fear, anger, resentment and other negative emotions. It is very unlikely toproduce long term results with this kind of pesuation.

There are innumerable examples of this kind of negative persuasion and aggressive influencing in history… can you think of one? Hint: You can find plenty of examples in governments based on authoritarian practices, and even closer to home if you know an authoritarian parent. No matter what example you look at, you’ll find out that in instances of aggresive persuation, the results are always short lived; i.e. revolutions, civil wars, and rebelious children, are examples of this.

Even when you have people’s best interest at heart (like in the case of your children doing their homework and chores), there is an added downfall to aggressive persuasion. When people feel pressed and are coerced in this manner they’ll often miss the point and never get to grasp why doing things your way may truly be the best approach for them. This happens despite the fact that your intentions are genuinely good!

Assertive persuasion, on the other hand, is the true art of influencing others in a positive manner and with a common and beneficial goal in mind. This type of persuasion, motivates people to eagerly collaborate with you because they are being exosed to the benefits they’ll get by following your command, even when they are consciously unaware of this!

To an extent, assertive persuasion is like gentle coercion without the consequences of non-compliance being highlighted. When people are offered the opportunity to see the positive outcome of their actions, they experience positive emotions that prompt them to embrace cooperation and this benefits everyone. The great news is that it is not difficult at all to learn assertive persuasion to influence people in this manner. All it takes is fine tuning your observation skills, learning to read people, and communicating effectively based on what you observed.

Once you’ve mastered the fine art of influencing, you will begin to experience more oomph in your life that will manifest in less struggle, more cooperation, and true teamwork in your personal and professional life.


Whether you want your child or life partner to grasp the importance of becoming a group prayer by cooperating in household chores, or your co-workers or employees to understand how fair delegation of duties can positively impact the end result, the art of influencing others with assertive persuation will definitely take you to new heights.

If you wish to create and sustain positive change, both in your family and in your professional life, I highly recommend you study assertive persuation and master the art of influencing others – positively.

The Code of Influence by Paul Mascetta is a fantastic program to learn the art of influence persuation from someone who’s spent years researching persuasion in marketing, human behavior and psychology, and the works neuroscientists and psychologists like Carl Jung, BF Skinner, Leon Festinger, Sigmund Freud, Erik Erickson, Kurt Lewin, Abraham Maslow, Ivan Pavlov and many others. Paul has certainly influenced his way to success… BIG time!

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Once you learn these techniques, you’ll be on your way to influencing people of all walks of life in the benefit of all concerned.

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