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In the winter of 2000, I experienced a series of coincidences in my life. Had these been random I would not have paid attention to them. However, they were happening so often and they were so obvious that it was impossible not to notice them. I was intrigued, so I decided to look deeply into their meaning and the relationship between them. I promise you’ll be fascinated at what I found and what happened next.

So there I was… set on a mission. My online searches and visits to the library increased, and one day I found this book by Carl Jung. I was so fascinated by the content I read, that I got compelled to study synchronicity more in depth.

Just as I was into this, a friend of mine who I hadn’t seen or heard from for a long, long time called me and invited me to a presentation at a nearby College. She said she was thinking about getting a Masters Degree in Humanistic Psychology and wanted my opinion. A couple of days later, we were sitting in the College’s conference room.

I was in total awe as I heard the speaker mention Carl Jung and his synchronicity concept… Wow! -I thought- Is this just another mundane coincidence or a meaningful synchronistic event?

Needless to say, I was hooked and wanted to keep going down the rabbit hole, so I joined the Masters Degree program right along with my friend. My life started changing rapidly. The more time I spent studying Carl Jung, the more synchronicities I noticed in my life. To be frank, at times it was kind of spooky!

Finally I was learning to “join the dots” and this allowed me to clearly notice and understand the events that had started showing up in my life way back in the winter of 2000. In a sense, I was feeling more awake…

If I was going to pinpoint one main thing that I learned as a result of this experience, is that I must strive to pay attention to little details, to be aware, to continue my search, to learn more about the things and events that happen in my life, before I consider them just a part of my wide (or wild?) imagination.

Are you still with me?

I’m sharing my story because I have come to realize that all of us have had synchronistic events in our lives, but not too many “pay attention” or stop long enough to notice them.

Do you?

Let’s back up a bit, just in case this is all new to you.

Carl Jung (1875-1961), a Swiss Psychiatrist was Sigmund Freud’s colleague. He broke away from Freudian psychoanalysis after disagreeing with Freud over his theory which concluded that the unconscious mind acts as a reservoir of repressed sexual trauma which gives origin to all neuroses.

Jung refused to accept this theory and founded his own school of Analytical Psychology. Jung was the first one to talk about synchronicity as a principle that explains meaningful coincidences. Synchronicity takes place when two or more unrelated events occur in such a manner that convey clear meaning to the person that experiences them.

Jung stated that these two occurrences are not causally connected, yet they have a common meaning. He refers to these events as “acausal” – that is, they have “no cause” but similar meaning by their coincidence in time appearance rather than sequentially. In conclusion, the events have to be related to one another but there is almost no possibility for them to have occurred randomly.

Confused yet?

Let me clarify this concept using my own experience above. First, I started noticing strange coincidences in my life. Then, I felt the impulse to explore them a bit more and bumped into information about synchronicity and Carl Jung. Next, I had not seen my friend for a long time. My friend calls me literally ‘out of the blue’ and invites me to the College presentation. The presentation ends up being about Carl Jung and synchronicity.
Can you notice the meaningful coincidences even though these events were not causally connected? My friend had no idea I had been exploring synchronicity, and neither she nor I had a clue that Carl Jung was going to be the main focus of the presentation!

And it gets even more interesting… Jung also believed that there is a synchronous connection between the mind and the phenomena of perception and delivered his psychoanalytic theory of the collective unconscious from which we draw information that is not grounded on personal experience. The content of this collective unconscious is passed from generation to generation and shared by all human beings.

The existence of this seemingly far-fetched collective unconscious concept has been considered as a possibility as scientists have not been able to pinpoint a specific brain structure where thoughts originate from.

Let’s analyze this theory a bit further. According to Jung the collective unconscious contains archetypes -an original model after which people are patterned- that make us behave according to psychological realities and experiences of humanity as a whole. In other words, we are not born with an empty unconscious mind, but with characteristics that are typical and universal to all human kind regardless of culture, race, time and origin.

To clarify this idea, here is a simple example… a smile. Human babies are not taught how to smile. They just do as they are born with this instinctive behavior which is a reaction in all of us through the collective unconscious.

And what do archetypes have to do with synchronicity?

Jung explained that when a person is passing through a life crisis one or more archetypes get activated inside the mind. This creates an access for the unconscious to flow into the conscious with the intention to find a solution to the problem through the awareness of deep truths normally hidden from the conscious mind. And… these are the moments when meaningful coincidences or synchronicities are more likely to happen.

In my case, I was ready for a change in careers but unsure about the path to follow (crisis). My friend’s sudden call and my curiosity to learn about meaningful coincidences (drawn from my observation of them), eventually awakened certain archetypes that propelled me to further my knowledge and get a degree in Humanistic Psychology (solution).

I believe that when we discover and use the power of synchronicity in our life, we gain the ability to solve our problems more intuitively and creatively. To me, synchronistic events are like signposts on the road of life that point us in a specific direction and increase our chances to attain the best possible outcome.

I invite you to become aware in noticing meaningful coincidences, to ponder about their possible meaning and connection, and to follow your instincts for a better life experience. Training your mind with neurovector can help you do just that!

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” 

~ Carl Jung