The Art And Science of

Personal Magnetism

Do you ever wonder why some people who are far less physically-attractive than you have the ability to draw to themselves the exact people they need to for them to prosper? What if you could develop your Personal Magnetism to attain anything you want in life?

I recently found a little ebook that will help you achieve exactly that. And you are not going to believe how easy is to get this ability! Keep on reading and prepare to me amazed…

The Art And Science Of Personal Magnetism” by American Pioneer New Age Movement author, Theron Q. Dumont (alias Yogi Ramacharaka and William Walker Atkinson) offers a clear explanation of how to exert a powerful, irresistible influence on the reason or will of another. Think about it… what could you get if you had this power?

Absolutely Everything!

Mr. Dumont describes the two distinct poles of personal magnetism and how success depends on the coordination of the force between these poles.

We are dual organisms with both mental and physical phases of manifestation in mind and body, so when these poles coordinate with each other it results in the work of manifesting energy and creating effects.

You see, the problem for most of us is that we have one of our poles more defined than the other, but the individual that manifests to the higher degree of personal magnetism is the one who’s developed along both poles of activity synchronistically.

According to Mr. Dumont, the mental pole of personal magnetism depends for its force and energy on the ability of the mind to create thought-waves and to project them beyond the limits of the brain, into the personal atmosphere of the individual, and even beyond the range of his own personal atmosphere when necessary.

When accompanied with the physical magnetism generated by the other pole of magnetic activity, this mental magnetism strongly affects other persons that are within the field of action of these thought-waves r vibrations. However, without a good supply of the physical magnetism, these thought-waves fail to have sufficient strength to produce explicit results.

It would seem that the physical magnetism was needed to give “body” to the mental magnetism, just as the mental magnetism is needed to give color, character or “soul” to the physical magnetism. The two phases of magnetism must work together to gain he best effects.

So how do we coordinate these poles within us?

Mr. Dumont explains the characteristics of the poles, how they work together as well as the simple and straightforward very effective technique to make them work synchronistically to our advantage.

I highly recommend you get this ebook and learn how you can develop your own Personal Magnetism. This is an All-Time Classic of metaphysical science that will have you develop the ability of personal magnetism in no time at all. Get this classic now! Just click on the ebook cover image for access to details and immediate download after purchase.

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