Your Key to Accomplishments

If you want a more positive and productive life direction, you must learn to motivate yourself and most importantly, to keep your motivation going.

Motivation is the crucial skill of achievers; a powerful driving force that induces you to do what you must do with the intention to reach a specific goal. For this purpose, the first element to become motivated is a definite goal based on a strong desire. This will not only ignite the motivation, but keep it going when you find challenges on your way.

As you know, it is much easier to become motivated if you feel passionate about your goal. The opportunity must present an exciting challenge that will get you focused on your tasks until you get what you want.

Some claim that motivation is extrinsic. This means that a meaningful goal will ignite the motivation; whatever you want to achieve is ‘out there’ which becomes the external stimuli, much like a carrot on a stick scenario. Others think that the motivation is intrinsic, that it should come from within or it won’t last.

In my opinion one cannot exist without the other. To develop intrinsic motivation, you must have an extrinsic factor that motivates you and vice-versa. One feeds on the other, so to say. On top of that, the passion to achieve your goal becomes your “why” – your powerful reason that has a special meaning to you and the one you will commit to remember every time you feel your motivation is dwindling down. Are you with me so far?

Think of it this way… you have the goal of driving a car from point “A” to point “B.” The motivation is that you will get something of value to you when you get to point “B” – for the purpose of this example, we’ll call it a trophy. So you jump in the car with that definite goal: getting to point “B” and get your trophy. You turn the ignition key with that purpose in mind. The trophy is at the end of your journey. The trophy is your extrinsic factor.

Your initial motivation prompts you to jump start the engine. It keeps its momentum going by your accelerating and getting closer to point “B” as time goes by. You are following a well planned and specific road map; however, you find some challenges on the road; i.e. there are no gas stations, you get tired and sleepy, you get a flat, etc. All of a sudden you feel like giving up. Then, you remember your “why”… you think of how long you’ve wanted this trophy, you want it so bad that no matter what, you will find the way to overcome the challenges and get to point “B.” This “why” is your intrinsic factor.

In other words, you must define what inspires and moves you deeply to achieve a certain thing. This thing is your extrinsic motivation, and will help you jump start your motivation engine to initiate the work to achieve your goal. When you get distracted or procrastinate or get unmotivated for whatever reason, you will remember what inspired you in the first place which will keep the momentum going (intrinsic motivation.)  This will eventually culminate in fulfillment, happiness and satisfaction. It will also raise your self-confidence and motivate you to achieve new goals.

This would happen once and again in an ideal world, of course. Unfortunately, we are not perfect so we are bound to feel lack of motivation sometimes. Even someone who is normally very motivated can have difficulty getting started on an important task at times. So… is there a solution for this?

Absolutely! There are probably dozens of them. The following are some of the best motivation tips that will consistently work when you apply them. Give them a try!

Self Motivation Tips That Work!

1. Share your plans. Let’s say that you are a writer and have had writer’s block for the past few days. To get the ideas flowing, talk to someone you trust about your next writing project. This will surely ignite your motivation, get you out of the slump and back at the keyboard. For less inspiring tasks, share with a trustworthy friend the larger goals that your smaller tasks will help you achieve. (A note of caution: do not share freely with everyone. They can try to talk you out of achieving your goals.)

2. Train yourself as a sales person. A good salesman or saleswoman can sell ice cream in the North Pole or 3-piece suits in the Sahara desert. As much as we don’t like to admit it, we all are sort of sales people. Think about this… when you are talking to a potential employer, you are selling yourself and your abilities. When you want to go to a certain movie, you are selling the idea to your spouse. Learn to be your own salesman or saleswoman by talking to yourself about how your life will be amazing once you achieve your goal.

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3. Stimulate your own pain. As Tony Robbins says, we all perform based on pain and pleasure. One Neuro-Linguistic Programming technique that he suggests is to mentally link pain with not acting. It’s something similar to finally stopping the snooze button on the alarm clock to get up or you will lose your job. In that same fashion, imagine the consequences if you don’t do what you must do.

4. Find an intrinsic value in your mundane task. Sometimes we must put up with smaller, less exciting tasks in order to get to the goal we want to achieve. For instance, you may not like all the preparations that go on before you embark on a camping trip, but the reward of getting to bathe on amazing waterfalls and taking pictures of wildlife is well worth the effort. Always think of your greater goal when you are doing boring tasks or things you dislike.

5. Boost your energy. For self-motivation, you need energy. Exercising, sleeping well and eating a good diet will help boost your energy levels. Avoid sugary foods as they may result in ups and downs of stamina. Moderate caffeine as well. Perhaps a protein shake may do the trick too. Once you find energy boosters that work for you, make a list and keep it handy for future use.

6. Take small steps. As with anything in life, constancy is better than huge amounts of sporadic dedication to something. I’ve found that if I commit to writing half an hour per day is way more productive in the long run than if I just write for 3 to 5 hours once per week. Also remember to break large tasks into smaller, more manageable ones. One small step at a time, you will accomplish great things!

These motivation tips truly work; however, the paradox is that you must also get motivated to do them… which brings us back full circle to the beginning of this article… if your “why” is big enough, it it carries an important meaning to you, I believe you will find the motivation to do whatever it takes to achieve your goal.

In any case, if you were motivated enough to read this far, I’m sure I can congratulate you. You’ll be fine. Just stick to it no matter what. Oh, I almost forgot… humor is also very important.  Don’t be too hard on yourself. We all needs breaks every now and then. A good laugh can overcome that feeling of being overwhelmed that sucks away your energy and your self motivation.

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