The Fundamental Force Behind Manifestation

Every time you wish for something, the desire to have, be or do emerges from within. This desire gives life to aspiration and excitement, and from there the resolve to manifest your wish is born. Because of this, it is essential to understand the fundamental steps that can take you from desire to manifestation.

The first vital element towards manifesting anything resides in the development of an active imagination. Actually, many people say that it is difficult for them to create powerful visualizations. The cause behind this is not knowing how to use imagination in a way that is conducive to success. Therefore, to visualize effectively you must learn to use your imagination actively, frequently, and extensively.

Mastering the skill  to create ideas and pictures on your mental screen that are clear, colorful and vivid ‘as if’ they were already happening, is a must. The more skillful you become at imagination, the easier it will be to visualize your ideals and the faster you will manifest what you want.

From the premise above, you can clearly see a correlation between belief and imagination for the more powerful images you create in your mind, the better you’ll get at influencing your subconscious mind to believe in what’s possible. Because of this, working on your ability to imagine vividly should be the first step to embed belief in your subconscious mind. From there, faith develops and you get to act with certainty. As such, manifestation becomes effortless.

And here is something you won’t hear too often… it is much easier to start working on imagination than on belief. Actually, the natural result of active and vivid imagination leads to belief. Here’s why…

Belief can be both subjective and objective. For this reason, it is not easy to develop belief just by wanting to believe. To create a belief you must take charge of your mind and command it to believe that a certain intended reality is not only possible but probable, despite the conclusions it might have drawn from the subjective reality around you. In other words, a belief gets its solidity when the mind pushes subjectivity aside and becomes objective based on a determined purpose.

Here’s an example to better understand this… Let’s say that you want to implant in your mind the belief that you can become a millionaire but the reality around you is not supportive for its manifestation. You have a job that barely pays the bills, you frequently find yourself wanting certain things that you can’t afford, and everywhere you go you hear people complaining about the economy and that they can’t do this or that because of lack of funds.

The prior sentence is filled with underlying biased affirmations of lack, limitation, and scarcity. The implication here is that your desire to become a millionaire is being influenced by those outer circumstances (which are 100% subjective) and because your subconscious mind’s job is to protect you, it will support those circumstances becoming objective over them and taking them as facts. This will discredit your belief as you remain in your comfort zone.

This can become a vicious cycle indeed, unless you become aware of what’s happening. Once you’re aware, you’ll be able to break the cycle. From the stance of awareness, you get to take control over your objective mind by realizing that your current reality is not to be taken as irrevocable fact. The events that surround you and the thoughts of scarcity (yours and others’) are 100% subjective, and as such malleable. Taking subjectivity as objectivity is what has prevented you from instilling new beliefs in your subconscious mind.

Before you can actually acquire a belief –any belief- you must learn to grab hold of your objective mind and convince it that your desire is indeed possible regardless of outer circumstances. And this is where imagination becomes your best ally as it is not subjective nor objective but free of conditioned circumstances.

“There is not a moment in time when imagination is not acting, 
causing the events of the world.”

 ~ Neville Goddard

Unlike belief, imagination doesn’t draw its focus from the subjective world but lives and thrives within, where you can choose what you “see” and experience. This is because imagination is not perceived by the senses –but the senses can freely be used in imagination.

In this way, imagination is an extremely powerful ability as it is limitless. It allows you to go as far as you desire, to be or do whatever you can imagine. Just think about it! You can be in different places, experience a variety of situations, and even explore alternative realities… all within. From this angle, imagination is not just child’s play; wouldn’t you agree?

You can travel to a remote place, meet the people you long to meet, talk to masters and learn from teachers, choose the sensations you want to feel, experience love, thrill and happiness, and even taste exotic foods and enjoy the aroma of the flowers you see… all in your imagination!

There are no obstacles to imagination, but the ones you impose on yourself.

And imagination is much more than daydreaming because the later is usually a temporary pastime with no real plan of action or definite intention. On the other hand, imagination empowers you because you can direct it at will and even plan how things will happen. When you engage in active imagination, you have complete control. You can add, take off or change anything to make the images in your mind better, brighter, happier, healthier or richer in any way you desire.

Knowing that active imagination is truly free of boundaries, and that you can take it as far as you want, makes it evident that it is an essential mechanism to manifest and achieve success in every area of life. When you imagine the outcome you intend to experience clearly and on a regular basis, you become emotionally involved. And as you add emotion to your regular imagination of the same scene, it becomes a belief.

At that point, the subjective world vanishes as you get focused on the object of your mind’s image for emotion and repetition have made it tangible. This is when things start happening as if by miracle. This is how true manifesting takes place!

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.
For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand,
while imagination embraces the entire world,
and all there will ever be to know and understand.”

 ~ Albert Einstein

The following videos are two excerpts from “Out Of This World” by Neville Goddard.
Watch them to get a feel of Neville’s work.


“A little practice will convince us that we can,
by controlling our imagination,
reshape our future in harmony with our desire.”

 ~ Neville Goddard


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