Giving and Receiving

Creating a Cycle For Abundance

To better understand the giving and receiving cycle, let’s assess some ideas and beliefs related to money and possessions. Let us start by clarifying the function of money.

Back in the old days, before the concept of money* was even conceived, people use to transact by bartering. Arrangements such as ‘my goods in exchange for your goods’ worked fine for a while. People back then were both, giving and receiving. However, as civilization evolved and more goods and services became available, a new problem surfaced…

What if I wanted your tangerines but you were not interested in what I could give you in exchange? This is why the invention of coins and paper money (or notes) became a must to help solve this dilemma. As time passed, money became the known universal tool for exchanging commodities and services of all kinds.

By the way, when we understand the real function of money, the idea that money is the root of all evil becomes unsustainable. Truth is, money is a necessity, a collective tool used to exchange goods and services. And, this exchange helps us all prosper accordingly.

Money, Beliefs and Spirituality

Many of us grew up with the belief that monetary abundance and spirituality cannot coexist. This idea creates a divided state of mind; a broken giving and receiving cycle which makes it difficult to achieve our financial goals. On one side, our conscious mind desires to free us from financial worries. On the other, our subconscious mind vows to keep us faithfully connected to our spiritual being and the things we learned as we grew up.

However, spirituality and monetary wealth should not be mutually exclusive. Money is a source of energy that must exchange hands in order to create balance and prosperity (more on this in a bit). Keeping money with the sole purpose of accumulating it, will only create an imbalance, such as when we place more weight on one side of a scale.

Money is like a powerful key that can open many doors; and like a key, it is neither positive nor negative by itself. We get to decide what doors to open. We decide what values we place on money based on how we acquire it and how we use it. In this regard, to state that ‘money is the root of all evil’ is a fallacy. Money is just a tool, and every one of us decides how to use it.

This can be easily understood. However, one important aspect that further influences the values we place on money lay on our belief system. It is that belief that creates the subconscious associations between money, values, and morals. And this is where many people have blocks that impede the creation of abundance.

Realize that our beliefs are not based in absolute universal truth. Truth differs from one person to another according to personal conditioning and life events. In other words, truth is contingent to the person that experiences it. This is why some have much while others don’t. In many occasions you will notice that financial abundance is not related to education or a genius mind, but to belief systems that regulate the lives and outcomes of those who create abundance.

Therefore, the way we interact with money and the way we use money reflects our thoughts and ideas according to our lifetime beliefs, which are most likely different to those of others. The good news is that beliefs are not set in stone. They are quite malleable. We can get rid of beliefs that don’t serve us any longer and substitute them with beliefs that are in favor of our prosperity. Think about this…

You can make a dollar by providing a useful service or you can make a dollar selling worthless gadgets. Along those same lines, you can use the exact same dollar you earned to help a homeless person or to acquire something solely for selfish reasons.

It’s the same dollar, but it is all a matter of choice. Your choice. What are your beliefs in reference to earning and using money after having read these prior statements? Based on this, what beliefs will you choose to implant in your mind?

Yes, money provides us with the means to obtain the bare necessities to live, such as food, clothing and a roof over our heads, but it also gives us the ability to contribute to a worthy cause; thus, money also grants us with peace of mind, an essential state to live a spiritual and abundant life.

Daydream a bit. Start by thinking of all the good things you could do with an abundance of money. Become convinced of your being able to do ‘good with money’ because this is what you choose to believe and what you want choose to do.

Realize that you are choosing this path based on free will. This is the first step towards understanding that having money in abundance and living a spiritual life can indeed happen simultaneously.

Let’s wrap up these last thoughts… if money is a symbol of energy used for exchange, when we exchange money related to something of value, we participate in the movement of positive energy as we initiate a “giving and receiving” cycle which prospers others as we prosper ourselves. The result is that we all flourish together. Some spiritual masters fall this ‘going with the flow.’ Let’s also remember that it is up to each one of us to decide how to use that money as well as what meaning we give to it.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait
a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

~ Anne Frank

The Dynamics of Giving and Receiving

At the core level, most of us feel better when money comes in that when it goes out. Paradoxically, in our day to day endeavors we feel much better when we give than when we receive. This is because most of us were taught from an early age that it is more gracious to give than to receive. In some instances, these teachings could go as far as to make us believe that receiving is linked to selfishness.

This creates an internal conflict and produces blocks at the subconscious level which may obstruct our prospering. Moreover, we cannot go through life just giving. Eventually, we’d end up feeling empty… Thus, the only way to create abundance in life is by regulating the dynamics of giving and receiving on both ends: the conscious and subconscious levels. When we gain balance, we create abundance and prosperity in our lives and the lives of those around us. The giving and receiving cycle can flow eternally, indeed.

The following analogy will help clarify this. Every time a farmer sows a seed, he is starting the giving and receiving cycle.

The farmer is actually giving a seed to Mother Nature with the full expectation to receive something in return. Next, he cultivates the crop and reaps the harvest.

He has given and knows he will receive. Mother Nature gives back the fruit which places the farmer at the receiving end of the equation. Then he starts all over again with the intention to receive during the next harvest season. This is how he participates in and enjoys the giving and receiving cycle, the natural balance of life just as Planet Earth rotates to give us day and night.

The previous scenario brings up another important point. To start receiving we must first give. It is up to us to initiate the giving and receiving cycle. And once we give we ought to receive. It all depends on the seed we plant.

Nobody will sow a seed expecting to reap no harvest, and this is no different for you and me in reference to money. Truth is, the same goes for everything else in life. When we sow love we receive affection, when we sow work we receive pay, when we sow kindness we receive empathy, when we sow peace we receive tranquility…

This contributes to the Universal Balance just like balance exists through opposites such as hot and cold, light and darkness, laughter and sadness, up and down, health and disease, and so forth… Hence, giving and receiving are both parts of the same equation. The act of giving and receiving creates a cycle and a healthy balance at the same time.

The Chinese philosophy called Tao Te Ching by Lao Tsu written during the 3rd Century BC, explains how all energies in the world are balanced in equal measure. We can find the same balance in the Ying Yan symbol. As such, the act of giving and receiving initiates an exchange of energy that grants the balance needed for the financial cycle to flow effortlessly from hand to hand.

It is when things get out of balance that we get to experience disharmony, discord, conflict, lack and limitation, amongst other unwanted effects. Giving and receiving is a two way street!

The Importance of Attitude in the Giving and Receiving Cycle

As with every other thing in life, attitude is everything. When you give, always remember to place a feeling of joy in whatever it is you are giving. Make sure you know without a shadow of a doubt that you will soon receive accordingly as you have initiated the “sow-reap” cycle.

As you give, you become the instrument that conveys positive energy. In turn, you will receive more of the same. The following mantra (taken from the “Commonwealth” personal development training) resonates perfectly with the above premise.

Repeat it in silence while you are giving…

“My prosperity prospers others. Their prosperity prospers me.”

There are always plenty of causes or people you can help according to your possibilities. The important thing is not the amount, but how you give. Make sure you give from the heart and with conviction.  The rest will fall into place consequently.

“The Universe operates through dynamic exchange…giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe. And in our willingness to give that which we seek, we keep the abundance of the universe circulating in our lives.”

 ~ Deepak Chopra

* A couple of interesting historical facts related to money:
The first records of money use date back to 1200 BC in Southern Algeria, and the coins were called shekels. Also, the word money comes from “Moneta”, the Roman Goddess of Prosperity; a Latin word that translates as moneda or coin in Spanish.