Get Focused

Stay Focused!

Busy, busy, busy…  On any given day, you pick up the phone while cooking and watching the news on TV. On your kitchen table, your laptop has a dozen browser windows open -since you just got up for a moment to get the phone and check on the stew- all while gazing at the wall clock often and thinking of the time you need to pick your kids up from school to take them to their dental appointment… oh, but wait a second, you still need to drop that report at the office before 3 PM, and you haven’t finished it yet… you better go back to your laptop now… Oh, wow… it just started raining… let’s hope there is no traffic on the freeway!

Do you relate? This scenario is not uncommon at all. Many of us have extra busy schedules and often jump from one task to another in a mindless way, as if wanting to be more productive when in reality the result is the quite the opposite. And, on closer observation, it is not hard to notice that people who live in this kind of “overdrive” are not happy, no matter how successful they may appear at accomplishing things. Is not that they lack drive or desire after all, do they?

What they do lack -in fact- is the ability to get focused and stay focused!

“The shorter way to do many things is to do only one thing at a time.” 

~ Mozart

Truth be told, switching between different tasks or trying to attend to a multitude of obligations simultaneously will sooner or later lead to things half done, sloppy jobs, burn-out, mental stress, frustration, and unhappiness. Thus, in order to get things done, do them right, and eventually attain satisfaction and happiness from a “job well done”, we must go back to basics: We need to remember to get focused, stay focused, and learn to do it habitualy. Once we do this, our minds will be more productive, more tasks will be accomplished, fewer errors will be made, and we’ll be happier and more relaxed.

Moreover, getting focused has a lof of influence on the positive outcome of a wish, a desire, a plan or a goal.

While willpower, motivation, the promise of rewards, and self-discipline can help us keep things on track, learning to get focused carries the heaviest of the weight when it comes to successful outcomes of whatever it is that we wish to get done.

Simply said, being able to give a task or goal the unwavering and focused attention it deserves will result in its successful completion, and the sense of satisfaction that comes when something is well done. In the same way, lack of focus would undoubtedly render the wish, the desire, the plan, or the goal a failure or partial success at best, regardless of motivation, willpower and self-discipline.

Therefore, to become more successful in general, getting focused is a quality that we all must learn and nourish, especially as the world around us keeps on getting busier and busier. The benefits are plentiful once you learn to get focused and stay focused to get things done right.

Once you decide to harnes the power of getting focused and learn how to commit to one task at a time, you’ll notice that your thinking processes will be more effective, and you will find yourself getting much more done in less time, which frees your time to do the other tasks just as well. Interesting paradox, don’t you think?

After all, our minds can only effectively handle and influence one thing at a time. Effectively is the main keyword in this sentence. As easy as multitasking may seem, it usually leads to failure of completing one or more goals… or getting all of your goals accomplished half way.

Much has been said about the connection between a person’s mind and the way his or her life shapes up. In the words of Zig Ziglar, “Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.” Learning to get focused then, can have a positive impact in your life. As you train your mind to focus on one direction at a time, you will be able to determine your outcomes, enjoy free time, and reach success after success.

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