Creating Wealth Consciousness

Wealth Consciousness and Your Sense of Self- Worth

Once you have explored the origin of your beliefs and have started to work on modifying them, you will be in the best position to begin creating your wealth consciousness.

Creating wealth consciousness is not as complicated as some seem to believe. Truth is, very few people recognize the fact that we -as human beings- are meant to live in abundance simply because we are part of an abundant universe. Once this is made conscious, creating a wealth consciousness can become a bit simpler. But, to be fair, let’s clarify a point here.

There is a difference between ‘knowing‘ this and ‘knowing how‘ to actually live in abundance. Truth is, most of the people pursuing a personal development path, actually know they live in an abundant universe yet, they still lack the know-how necessary for creating a wealth consciousness. Let’s explore this a bit deeper.

Often times, when people look at the circumstances they were born in, as well as those they end up living in, they arrive at the conclusion that they were never meant to be or have anything else but what they are and what they have at the present moment.

From this mistaken awareness comes a feeling of inadequacy and hopelessness. These individuals get settled in their situation as they convince themselves that there is nothing they can do about their reality; that unless a miracle happens, they should never expect to see positive changes to live an abundant life. If your thoughts run in that direction more often than not, you are both, right and wrong. Please allow me to explain.

On one hand, miracles do happen every day but only to those that consciously decide to focus on positive outcomes, to those that believe in themselves as the creators of their own circumstances and don’t leave anything to others or worse yet, to chance.

Once you make this decision, you automatically empower yourself. This is the first step toward creating a wealth consciousness. From there on, it is very possible for miracles to happen, because you become the creator of your own miracles!

On the other hand, there is the idea that most miracles are related to having more money. Many people seem to believe that money will solve their problems but this is a false premise. Think about this… How many people do you know that have plenty of money and… yes, plenty of problems too? This should be enough proof that it is not money but true wealth what we all aspire for.

Unfortunately, most people are not aware of the difference so they end up chasing the illusion and equating money to true wealth. This only leaves them wealth consciousness deficient and from that point of reference, it is practically impossible to create abundance. Are you with me so far? Let’s discuss the difference now…

In essence, money is a medium of exchange that has allowed us to get the material wealth we already have and/or that will allow us to attain certain things we don’t yet have. Read this sentence again… A ‘medium of exchange‘ is the main keyword here.

Thus, money in itself is not wealth; it is just a symbol that represents what we are able to get material wealth based on the value we -humans- have placed on things. However, true wealth is much more than just money or possessions. Money is just one component of true wealth.

The most important element of true wealth is non-material… it is based on your sense of self-worth.

And, wealth consciousness goes hand-in-hand with your sense of self-worth, for when you acknowledge your value as a unique human being and what you can contribute to the world, your self-esteem and self-confidence increase and as a result, your performance gets a boost and you get more compensation for your contribution (your work).

This in turn raises your sense of self-worth making you feel happier with yourself. Consequently, you start attracting more money (material wealth) to your life experience. You have then gone full circle… as simple as that!

Let’s remember that one of the law of attraction principles states that you are what you think about most of the time and you achieve what you affirm accordingly. So when your sense of self-worth is high, your thoughts will be more aligned with positive outcomes.

It is ONLY when your thoughts, feelings and actions are in congruence that you acquire a wealth consciousness and you start attracting what you desire. You will know this is so, because things will start happening as if by miracle

Therefore, the more time you spend thinking and dwelling on the lack and the negative aspects of your life, the more likely you will be to continue living in your existing conditions… you’ll get ‘More of the Same’ as Esther Hicks would say.

On the flip side, placing your focus on your self-worth and giving of yourself to others will allow for your wealth consciousness to awaken and in time, you’ll see your life turn around completely.

Surely, this Universal Law defies everything that society has tried to convince us of for centuries, but what is divinely ours cannot be measured by societal rules and regulations.

Abundance can be claimed once we adopt the firm belief that it is our birthright, and like such, it is due to us. Just remember, the ONLY requirement is to feel, think and act in congruence while giving your best to others. The rest will fall into place all by itself in due time.

This is exactly how we acquire a wealth consciousness, by believing, by inner knowing, by acting in a certain way, and by expecting with certainty… How we live our lives and most importantly how we think, will allow the Universe to respond in a like manner by serving us what we consciously decide to spend our time focusing on.

Once we understand this, we arrive to the conclusion that having true wealth and unlimited cash flow, is ONLY the result of a series of certain thoughts and a strong conviction.

Now you know it. Acknowledge your self-worth and give to others of your uniqueness. Unleash the power of belief. Connect with your true wants and desires. Align them with your thoughts and feelings. Only then, your wealth consciousness will be awakened and you’ll start noticing how quickly the Universe starts responding with an abundance of good things!