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The Tapping Miracle – Introduction to Energy Healing with EFT

The power to heal yourself right is at your fingertips… “The Tapping Miracle” is an introductory guide to the art of self-healing with Emotional Freedom Technique. If you are new to EFT or even if you have been tapping for awhile but would like to learn the principles behind this healing art, you are going to love this ebook. It will take you through the basic concepts on tapping in order to tap successfully, such as: How and why EFT works, what are meridian points and where they are located, the basic steps to get you started with tapping, how to formulate your own affirmations correctly, resources, and more!


I Can, Therefore I Will

Learn how to fully utilize your mind’s abilities. Train your mind on how to create positive reality through positive thoughts. As the saying goes… “If you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.” There is no doubt that you can accomplish anything if you put your mind into it. Once you understand and take control over your mind’s unlimited powers, you will be able to handle complex situations and come up with solutions to problems, new ideas will pop into your mind easily, you will improve your decision-making abilities, and you will become more confident than ever before! Your mind is the most powerful supercomputer in the world. “I Can” will help you unleash your mind power now!


Improve Your Memory!

Are you habitually forgetful and absent-minded? Do you feel embarrassed when you can’t remember a person’s name, an appointment, or where you left your keys? Don’t you worry! It is possible to regain and improve your memory by learning and practicing a few simple tips. “Improve Your Memory” is packed-full of straightforward ideas that you can implement in your life right now, and once you get the hang of them, you will be able to remember things from many years past and the memories will remain fresh for years to come. Give your mind the exercise it needs to remain active and healthy until you reach the golden years!


Wealth & Zen

This book is for YOU, if your desire is that of achieving greater heights in life by implementing very simple and yet powerful concepts that have the potential to change your life completely. It is not a book on hypothetical research nor is it a philosophical piece, but one book that uncovers information that will bring a lasting incentive allowing you to release your inner resources of strength and dynamic willpower. In fact it covers profound and dynamic truths conveyed in a few potent words that kindle a renewed sense of awareness of your limitless latent inner power waiting to burst into the open. It’s practical expressions have the potential to result in success, health, wealth and enduring happiness… Pure wisdom for the price of a latte!


Timeless Wealth Wisdom

It is relatively easy to accumulate wealth. The thing is, not everyone knows how. The 21st century brought a boom of first-time millionaires, many of which do NOT come from family money. They made their first million by employing timeless wealth wisdom and secrets only the ultra-rich used to know. Fortunately, there are dozens, even hundreds of little wealth nuggets you can easily apply to your life to expand your portfolio and double, or even triple your net worth. “Timeless Wealth Wisdom” is packed full of wealth nuggets, 77 to be exact. Even putting into action a handful of them could help you learn to handle your money in a way that encourages wealth building. Get your copy now!

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