The pH Miracle

Living in Balance

I’ve never paid much attention to 3-day-diets, cabbage diets, miracle pills, low carb, low fat and the like, mostly because we know they are fads and even if they help you lose a few pounds, the results are seldom permanent.

To lose and keep your weight within healthy levels, there is nothing like a well balanced diet that is calorie appropriate according to body type, age, gender, and level of activity.

However, there is an exception to this rule. The pH miracle diet caught my eye a while back because it not only promises to regulate and maintain weight in a natural way but to increase energy and overall health, which is something we all can benefit from.

So I decided to read The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health by Dr. Robert O. Young, and although it was not an easy read, the food knowledge I gained was extraordinary. I must confess I felt overwhelmed with the amount of information, and the technical jargon got me confused more times than I care to admit. So, I decided to do my own research to find a simple way to implement all these things I had just learned about the pH Miracle diet.

And it paid off. I found an excellent and much more concise ebook that enabled me to start putting in practice a few changes in my own diet with ease and right away. I can’t begin to describe the almost immediate improvement I noticed, such as not feeling sluggish after lunch and being able to sustain energy throughout the day. But I’m getting ahead of myself, so let’s get the necessary PhD jargon out of the way first.

What is pH Miracle, anyway? The p in pH stands for potential and the H stands for Hydrogen. Within the human body, this refers to the number of Hydrogen ions in a fluid or the body’s potential to attract Hydrogen ions. Essentially, the pH aims to maintain harmony between acidity and alkalinity which assures the balance needed for optimal organ function and overall health. In regard to the miracle word, it all comes to one simple concept: In many instances, just by restoring the pH balance your health gets restored as if by miracle!

The pH is measured on a scale that goes from 0 to 14, in which 7 is neutral, 0 is the highest concentration of acidity and 14 is the highest concentration of alkalinity.

According to many holistic doctors, the pH miracle diet offers a totally different approach to nutrition because it takes into consideration the delicate pH balance needed for great health.

Since we are into personal growth, we know the fundamental importance of balance in everything we do and the way we live. It is no wonder that the same principle applies to health!

Basically, in optimal conditions the human body should have a slightly alkaline pH. Thus, in theory, since the human body functions optimally at this level of alkalinity, the human diet should consist of mostly alkaline foods. Makes sense, right?

This is where things get interesting… Most standard modern diets –at least in the Western Continent and developed countries- are comprised of a high amount of acidic foods. Examples of these are animal protein, dairy products, sugar, fast foods and pre-packaged foods.

These acidic foods have the power to disrupt this delicate pH balance in the blood by interfering with the body’s ability to absorb and utilize important alkaline minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium. And –as you might already have guessed- an alteration in the concentration of these minerals has been linked to an array of chronic diseases.

The bottom line is that acidic foods actually rob your body of essential minerals, and create an over acidic environment where yeast, mycotoxins and microforms can rapidly grow. To make things worse, several studies indicate that there seem to be a correlation between cancerous cells and an environment of acidosis.

The good news is that those who follow an acid-alkaline balanced diet may be avoiding the very foods that can be disastrous to their health. The old adage “you are what you eat” is an absolute truth, and more so based on the pH Miracle diet. While many of the foods we commonly ingest are considered acidic, the good news is that the decision to eat or not to eat certain foods is totally on our hands.

By choosing to ingest more alkaline foods, you are giving your body the chance to fight off disease, repair tissues, recover and maintain youthful health. As with everything else in life, it is a matter of choice.

More so, if you’ve been feeling tired and lethargic for no apparent cause, I highly recommend you take a closer look at the pH Miracle diet and the alkaline/acid balancing act.

You might be pleasantly surprised by just making a few changes and adjustments to your diet. I know I was!

Of course, you’ll get several other benefits, such as achieving –and maintaining- your ideal weight naturally, without the need to count calories or looking at portion sizes, PLUS improved digestionincreased energy and radiant health.

As to where to get this information, you’ve got several options. If you are the type of person that needs to know all there is behind every food you eat, you may want to give Dr. Young’s book a try, but I must warn you… be prepared for a thorough read (over 300 pages in fact) which at times can get quite academic.

On the other hand, if you want to skip the PhD details and dive into learning exactly how to improve your health by balancing your acid/alkaline ratio, I recommend you take a look at “The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet“; this is the ebook I mentioned earlier 🙂

In it, you will get the basics of this diet and then you’ll get straight into the ‘how-to’ in no time at all -which is what we’re after, anyhow. The ebook offers extensive food charts, recipes, a “Boost Your Metabolism” report, and several other valuable and helpful bonuses.

I’ll wrap this up by saying that many people that have tried the pH miracle diet state they’ve felt massive positive effects on their health within just a few weeks. I know I’m on my way to following this diet more closely, as I’ve gotten some results with just a few changes in a handful of days.

My plan is to get rid of acidic foods in my diet as time goes by and until I achieve the results I want. I invite you to increase your stamina, endurance, and the overall performance of your body machine, by giving “The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet” a try.  Click on the banner below to watch an enlightening video and for full details…


Yours in Health!

Disclaimer: The principles behind the acid alkaline balance diet are based on holistic medicine and Chinese medicine, which have been around for centuries. However, as with any change that relates to your health, it is recommended you seek the advice of your primary health physician. The pH Miracle diet principles are being studied at John Hopkins’s University and by Dr. Neil Solomon of the United Nations. To read the complete medical disclaimer, please click here.