The Five Rituals

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “The Fountain of Youth”?

Let me share a story with you… I can count with the fingers of my right hand the movies I remember from the time I was a young girl, and “Shangrila, The Lost Horizon” is one that will remain in my memory forever.

Based on a 1933 novel by English Writer, James Hilton, the adventure opens with the hijacking and emergency landing of a plane in a remote area of Tibet. The four travelers get rescued by a group of Monks and are brought to Shangrila, a lost city in a deep Himalayan valley surrounded by snowy mountains, where life seems to be a bliss for all who lived there.

The inhabitants of Shangrila lived a life of purpose. They helped each other based on love and total selflessness while living in eternal peace and tranquility. They also enjoyed perfect health and maintained a youthful appearance indefinitely.

James Hilton’s utopia impressed me not only because of the inhabitants being 100% healthy until old age, but because of the idealistic lifestyle they all shared. To this day I sometimes daydream and wonder how a life of utter well being and no place for wrong doing, disease or aging would be like…

I believe that this novel is intended to make the reader think of what’s possible, perhaps not to that extent but doable nevertheless. Truth is, Shangrila may not exist as described in the novel, but several studies have reported people of the Himalayas living past 100 years in good physical and mental health.

I have come to the conclusion that people who live in that area of the Planet must have a secret… And I also believe that with the possibilities available to many of us nowadays, we can live a more balanced and enjoyable life. I’m not talking about expensive pharmaceuticals and doctors with fancy degrees that just the rich and famous can afford. I’m talking about taking things into your hands, not taking things for granted, restructuring our priorities and making a commitment to dedicate some time to what really matters… hhealth, the number one element to live a truly abundant life.

The Five Rituals book offers a compilation of health secrets straight from the Himalayas that will improve your health in just 10 minutes a day. These ‘how-to’ guides will show you the science behind these rituals, will go into what spinning and the seven vortexes are, how to tap into reproduced energy, and why all of this is paramount to your keeping healthy for years to come.

The greatest wealth is health.
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