Healthy Aging and Positive Thinking

Many people believe they lack the strength and power to do certain things, especially as they grow older. They don’t realize that their very thinking in this manner may be responsible for their results, at least partially.  I’m not denying that certain people have real limitations. What I’m stating here is that most of our habitual thinking may be holding us back from achieving much more than we do. This truth applies to every aspect of life and to every age. Thus, it certainly applies to keeping healthy and strong all the way to the golden years. Are you with me so far?

It is very possible to gain motivation with the intention to live a healthier life at any age. One simple and very effective way to start changing your thoughts, is by stating and reaffirming “I can do it” with certainty and determination and moving into action right away. Believe me when I tell you that it works. Give it a try; you may surprise yourself. Keep in mind that -as Napoleon Hill stated- whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Self-belief is at the culprit of most everything in life. Having said that… do you believe in your power to reach your golden years in sound mental, emotional and physical health?

Here are a couple of ideas that you can implement right away to live healthy now and all the way into the winter of your life:

There are 3 basic pillars for healthy living: diet, exercise and attitude. Of course not smoking, no drinking, and abstaining from other vices, play an important role as well, but for the purpose of this article, let’s cover exercise and attitude.

Keeping skeletomuscular health is one of the culprits to healthy aging, and movement is a must to prevent pains and aches as we age, yet too many people live sedentary lives. If you have not done any physical activity in a while, I suggest you start with a daily short walk and move from there. You will surely start noticing the benefits in no time at all.

As with any change, it may be difficult to start. After all, a new habit will take a conscious effort to start and keep at it before it becomes second nature. Start by saying “I can do it” out loud and commit to going for a walk every single day. Then, move into action right away. Every day will be a bit easier.

If you’ve had a sedentary life for some time, you may not have the stamina to walk 30 minutes on your first attempt, so start slow -perhaps 10 to 15 minutes a day- and keep on going. It doesn’t matter if it takes you a couple of weeks or more to accomplish this. Just start and keep at it. Then you can increase your minutes at your own pace. I want to point out that the most important thing is the positive attitude and commitment to your health. You will soon be able to do 30 minutes a day or even better. Perhaps you will eventually move into more strenuous physical activity. It is truly up to you!

Keep in mind that being aware of your thoughts, actions, feelings, and behaviors goes hand in hand with healthy aging. This enables you to build mind power and belief in yourself… Repeat “I can do it” every time you attempt a new activity to improve your health and you will. These 4 simple words are very powerful.

A word of caution… do not drive yourself to exhaustion or strain yourself. If it hurts or you are out of breath, stop for a while and let your body recover. Some physical activities require more stamina than others. Be kind to your body and it will respond accordingly. It is also very important to consult with your doctor and follow his/her instructions to incorporate any type of exercise into your daily routine, especially if you have not done this in awhile or if you have a certain condition.

You surely have some role models to look up to. At one point in their lives, they decided to take their health into their hands instead of suffering the consequences of inactivity as they aged. Decision is key. Action comes next. Remember that not making a decision is also a decision… only a passive one. Try to enroll a friend or family member in doing the activity with you. You can support and encourage each other while you have a good time together.

At the same time, avoid negative people that don’t support your goals. Negative beliefs and ideas from third parties can defeat the purpose of getting your thoughts in order and your body in shape. Also, make sure you avoid postponing things for a later or better time. As you know, most often than not the things we postpone seldom get done. This is another negative reflection called procrastination.

Procrastination leads to lack of action and complacency. When you give in to it repeatedly, your muscles and joints become weak. Lack of exercise also leads to deficient oxygenation of your brain, causing sluggishness or lethargy. Actually, new research has shown a correlation between the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and lack of exercise. Generally speaking, lack of aerobic activity is associated with medical problems of all kinds in the long run.

This is why when it comes to healthy aging, you must take control of your thoughts and actions sooner rather than later. Truth is, if we want to get to old age in good health, we must decide to do something now.

For most of us, health is of primary importance. When you think about it, we cannot experience true abundance
without health. If this resonates with you, then you must create a plan, set a goal and stick to it until you achieve the physical condition that you want.

Keep in mind that plans must be realistic according to the state of your health and age. Having said that, once you get the OK from your doctor and set your mind to it, there is not much you cannot achieve.

These are a handful of benefits that you can get from regular physical activity: increased lung capacity, decreased risk for heart attacks and strokes, stronger muscles and joints, decreased incidence of osteoporosis, natural regulation of blood sugar levels, lower incidence of back pain, good digestion and healthy bowel movements, weight loss and healthy weight maintenance, good attitude and positive outlook on life, and more.

Follow these three important steps: Decide, Act, and Commit to do it regularly.

Resist the urge to give up. If you feel overwhelmed, take a break but never give up. If you find yourself procrastinating or worse yet, giving up, remember that your purpose is to reach your golden years in optimum health and renew your faith and confidence in your self – repeat “I can do it” as you realign your thoughts with your actions and your intention.

When times get hard and you think you can’t keep up, just remember your mantra and say it out loud “I can do it” and remember that positive thinking will take you a long way. If you enrolled a friend or family member to do this with you, call them and let them know you need support and encouragement.

Don’t dwell on something you can’t change, focus instead on the things that you have the power to change. Fortunately, healthy aging is no longer a myth. Recent studies have shown that when it comes to healthy aging, there is so much we can do.

Healthy aging is linked to the food we eat, the activities we engage in, and the people we interact with. It is also about the way we think. Having a positive attitude will give you a jump-start to a healthier life now, and peace of mind over your aging process. Thus, think positive for healthy aging!

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